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Mauro is a Commission Official with sectoral knowledge of Sustainability, Energy, Transport, Merger Control, State Aid, start-ups, and project management. He is currently a project officer in the DG REFORM, managing technical assistance projects in the field of sustainable growth and business environment, notably in the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Plans. Mauro has 3 years of experience in State Aid Control in the field of (renewable) energy as well as 4 years of experience in Merger Control in the fields of transport, manufacturing, agrifood, semiconductors, hospitality, and services. He is also the co-founder of a digital health start-up. He holds an MSc in Management at the Bocconi University as well as a CEMS International Management master’s and BSc in Business administration from Bocconi University.

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250 Bulletin

Silvia Modet, Mauro Sibilia The EU Commission clears acquisition between two global building materials companies active in the cement markets, subject to the divestment of geographically overlapping business (HeidelbergCement / Italcementi)


HeidelbergCement/Italcementi: Let’s get concrete…* In a nutshell: Two global cement players merged and although their footprint in Europe is rather complementary, their activities overlapped to a great extent in Belgium in a number of markets. In order to remedy the serious doubts in first (...)

Katarzyna Tosza, Szabolcs Lorincz, Luca Di Martile, Mauro Sibilia The EU Commission approves the creation of a joint venture between two of the world’s leading coffee manufacturers, subject to conditions (DEMB / Mondelēz)


"Some like it hot! – coffee merger between DEMB and Mondelēz"* In a nutshell Coffee products belong to a differentiated market where the evaluation of closeness of competition is key to the competitive assessment. Internal documents, views of market participants and economic analysis (...)

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