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Mark Steenson

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Lawyer (Counsel)

Mark Steenson is a counsel in the Antitrust practice. Mark advises businesses on all aspects of European and UK antitrust law, including multi-jurisdictional merger control, market investigations, behavioural competition, State aid, litigation, and compliance. His work includes advising on cartel investigations by the European Commission, advising and coordinating multi-jurisdictional merger processes vis-a-vis a number of competition authorities, advising in respect of UK market investigations, and advising on State aid notifications to the European Commission. Mark has also worked on litigation matters in both the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal and the European Courts. Mark has also undertaken a secondment in the Phase 1 mergers division of the UK CMA.

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James Webber, Mark Steenson, Margaret Clare Ryan, Garreth Wong The EU Commission launches an in-depth investigation to assess whether the payment of an ICSID arbitral award in favor of Luxembourg and Dutch investors complies with EU rules on State aid (Antin)


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