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Mark Powell is the Executive Partner of the Brussels office. He has been advising on a broad range of competition law issues for nearly twenty-five years, with a particular focus on the interface between competition law and sector-specific regulatory requirements in areas such as telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, energy, the media and transport. Mr. Powell also handles the regulatory clearance of complex mergers and acquisitions. Recent examples include Acergy/Subsea7, HBO/Ziggo, Sanofi-Aventis/Zentiva, and Aegean/Olympic II—which resulted in the European Commission clearing the deal in a Phase II proceeding, which was the first time that the Commission cleared a merger after it had previously prohibited it. He also represents and advises clients involved in cartel investigations (including nucleotides, synthetic rubber, candle wax, calcium carbide, power cables). Mark Powell is now also an active member of the London practice and has been advising on UK market investigation and merger cases.


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Mark Powell (White & Case)
Mark D. Powell 17 May 2018 London
Mark Powell (White & Case)
Mark D. Powell 11 June 2018 Paris


4153 Bulletin

Axel Schulz, James Killick, Jérémie Jourdan, Mark Powell The EU Court of Justice annuls a decision of the Commission requesting information on the ground that the decision did not sufficiently explain why the information requested was necessary (Italmobiliare, Schwenk Zement, HeidelbergCement and Buzzi Unicem)


Introduction On 10 March 2016, the European Court of Justice issued a landmark ruling annulling European Commission decisions requesting information from cement manufacturers, on the ground that the decisions did not sufficiently explain why the information requested was necessary . This (...)

Charles Balmain, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet, Mark Gidley, Mark Powell The English Court of Appeal requires French defendants to comply with disclosure orders despite the French "blocking statute" (Secretary of State for Health / Servier Laboratories)


The existence in several countries of “blocking statutes”, which prohibit the provision of economic information to foreign authorities or courts (or require prior authorization to be obtained before doing so), present a challenge to those managing international litigation and (...)

Assimakis Komninos, Ian Forrester, Jacquelyn F. MacLennan, Kai Struckmann, Mark Powell, Pontus Lindfelt The European Commission adopts a package on private damages actions in antitrust cases


Summary On 11 June 2013, the European Commission (“Commission”) adopted a proposal for a directive on how citizens and companies can bring damages claims under EU antitrust rules. According to the Commission, the proposal serves to remove a number of practical difficulties which claimants face (...)

James Killick, Mark Powell The EU General Court holds for the first time that the Commission erred in relying on the presumption that a parent company is liable for the anticompetitive conduct of its wholly-owned subsidiary (Hydrogen Peroxide)


By its decision of 3 May 2006, the Commission imposed fines totalling over EUR 388 million on a number of companies for their participation in a cartel on the market for hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate (bleaching agents) between 31 January 1994 and 31 December 2000. Among the companies (...)

James Killick, Mark Powell The EU General Court partially annuls the Commission’s decision and reduces fines in a cartel case concerning the international removal services market in Belgium (Gosselin, Verhuizingen Coppens)


By its decision of 11 March 2008, the Commission imposed fines totalling over EUR 32 million on ten companies for their participation in a cartel on the international removal services market in Belgium between October 1984 and September 2003. In particular, the Commission imposed fines of EUR (...)

James Killick, Mark Powell The EU Court of First Instance overturns the European Commission’s decision to block a merger in the packaging equipment sector addressing the issues of conglomerate effects and leveraging (Tetra Laval/Sidel)


For the third time this year, and the second time this week, the European Court of First Instance ("CFI") has overturned a decision of the EC Commission to block a merger. Once again, the CFI criticized the Commission’s factual findings and its analysis. Within hours of the judgment, (...)

2938 Review

David Sevy, Frédéric Jenny, Mark Powell Private enforcement: Current issues


Ce dossier réunit trois contributions sur l’application privée du droit de la concurrence présentées le 5 juillet 2012 lors d’une conférence à Bruxelles organisée par la revue Concurrences. Dans la première contribution, Frédéric Jenny, président du Comité de la concurrence de l’OCDE, expose les (...)

Mark Powell TR III - Marchés de prescription: Les prescripteurs échappent-ils à l’analyse concurrentielle ? (New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference - Paris, 10 février 2012)


La troisième table-ronde de la conférence New Frontiers of Antitrust du 10 février 2012 à Paris était dédiée aux marchés de prescription. Bien que ce sujet ait déjà fait l’objet de nombreuses études économiques, il reste relativement inexploré en droit de la concurrence. L’auteur trace un bref aperçu des (...)


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