Peruvian Competition Authority - INDECOPI (Lima)

Mario Zúñiga

Peruvian Competition Authority - INDECOPI (Lima)

Mario Zúñiga is commissioner at the Peruvian Antitrust Commission. Before, he was advisor for the Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas del Perú. Previously, he was Vice-president and founder of Contribuyentes por Respeto, a think-tank based in Lima, Peru. He is in charge of research and advocacy in several regulatory and competition issues. Mario has a broad legal background in Antitrust Law, regulation, public policy, development, and private and public sector legal counseling. Before founding Contribuyentes por Respeto, Mario has been a Legal Analyst for the Free Competition Commission of INDECOPI, the Peruvian antitrust agency; and a researcher on Property and Business Law for the Institute for Liberty and Democracy. Mario holds a Master of Laws from The George Washington University Law School.


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