Marianna Economidou

Trojan Economics (Nicosia)
Legal Adviser

Marianna Economidou is a Lawyer in Cyprus. She is a Legal Adviser at Trojan Economics, a consultancy company specializing in the economics of competition law. Her practice focuses on European and Cypriot competition law, including antitrust and merger control. Her expertise includes working on mergers, state aid, cartels, abuse of dominance cases, and advising on competition law matters related to horizontal and vertical agreements. Marianna assists clients in proceedings before the Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC) and in civil actions for damages before the Administrative Courts in Cyprus. Marianna holds an LLM in EU Law from Queen Mary University of London. Her master thesis’ topic was «Rethinking the concept of rebates as an anti-competitive practice: A critical analysis of A. 102 TFEU». Marianna also holds an LLB from the University of Cyprus. She has been a registered advocate in the Supreme Court’s Registry of Advocates since 2018. She also participates in Trojan Economics’ editorial team and is an author of articles on subjects related to competition law. Marianna is an accredited Mediator of the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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505 Bulletin

Panayiotis Agisilaou, Marianna Economidou The Cypriot Administrative Court annuls a decision that imposed a fine of €20,775,630 on petroleum companies (ExxonMobil / Hellenic Petroleum / Petrolina / Coral)


The joined cases were brought before the Administrative Court of Cyprus (hereinafter the “Court”) by ExxonMobil Cyprus Ltd, Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus Ltd, Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd and Coral Energy Products Cyprus Ltd (hereinafter the “petroleum companies”) against the Commission for the (...)

Sofia Raunich, Marianna Economidou, Panayiotis Agisilaou The Cypriot Administrative Court annuls a decision that imposed a fine and an obligation to inform the association of undertakings’ members of their freedom regarding tender submissions in the electricity sector (MECAC)


The Administrative Court of Cyprus delivered its decision on the administrative recourse filed by the Mechanical and Electrical Contractors Association of Cyprus (“Applicant” or “MECAC”) against the Cyprus Commission for the Protection of Competition (“CPC” or “Respondent”) for the annulment of the (...)

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