Luc-Marie Augagneur

Cornet Vincent Segurel et Associes (Lyon)
Lawyer (Partner)

Luc-Marie has acquired particular experience in Marketing Law, Intellectual Property, as well as in IT, AI and Compliance. He assists numerous companies with multiple profiles: French and foreign companies, ETIs, leading SMEs and start-ups. Driven by the transmission of knowledge, he teaches students of the DJCE of Lyon and Strasbourg (Competition Law) and of the Master II "Advanced Business Law" (Digital Economy) of the Jean-Moulin Lyon III University. He is a speaker at numerous university conferences in France and abroad, as well as at professional conferences. Luc-Marie AUGAGNEUR is also the author of numerous articles in the legal journals JCP G, JCP E, L’AJ Contrats and RTD COM (Dalloz) as well as contributions to several collective works such as "Compliance: l’entreprise, le régulateur et le juge" (Dalloz ed.) and "Les principales clauses des contrats d’affaires" (Lextenso ed.). His interest and curiosity for NICTs and the economy of tomorrow motivate him to participate in innovative projects: he is a partner of the Digital League, the cluster of digital companies in Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes, and a member of the Incubator of the Lyon Bar Association.


1724 Review

Frédéric Buy, Gael Chantepie, Jean-Christophe Grall, Audrey Illouz, Helen Coulibaly-Le Gac, Marie Doisy, Luc-Marie Augagneur A law known as "EGalim 2", dated 18 October 2021, aims to protect the remuneration of farmers: Distribution law reformed once again


A law dated 18 October 2021 aiming at protecting the payment of farmers, known as "EGalim 2", reforms distribution law by targeting the food sector. Upstream, the "contractualization" regime between producers and their first buyers is reinforced. Downstream, suppliers and distributors must (...)

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