Lisette Hendrikse

Hendrikse Business Law B.V.
Independent General Counsel

Lisette is General Counsel of She is used to sparring with boards and management in (international) businesses of various denominations, often high-tech, often in the early phases (start-up or scale-up), and often in multi-jurisdiction projects. Lisette specializes in franchise, agency and distribution set-ups, international contracts in JV, M&A and /or strategic cooperations, IP/ICT, energy and renewables, tech ventures and competition and consumer law. A broad range of special interests with many parallels to her working life experiences. As a loyal, commercially savvy and result-driven lawyer, Lisette works with a large group of clients whom she has known for many years, and who return to work with her time and again. For the fast simple solutions and workable contracts she uses, but also for the fun of resolving issues together. Lisette specializes in supporting management in (international) business of various denominations: often high-tech, often in the early phases, and often in multi-jurisdiction projects.

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