Lena Hornkohl

Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law
Deputy Editor

Lena Hornkohl studied law in Heidelberg and Uppsala (First State Examination 2014), undertook her practical training at the Higher Regional Court Karlsruhe with stations in Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Brussels and obtained the Second State Examination in 2016. Afterwards, she wrote her Ph.D. thesis on private enforcement of competition law with Prof. Müller-Graff of Heidelberg University, which she will defend in October 2020. During her doctoral studies she worked as a Research Assistant at the Institute for Civil Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, European Law and Comparative Law of Heidelberg University (2014 – 2019) and spent a research visit at Cambridge University in 2017. In 2019, she received an LL.M. in European Law and Economic Analysis from the College of Europe, Bruges. Hereafter, she worked as an Associate a major international law firm in Brussels (2019 – 2020). In 2020, Lena joined the Department of European and Comparative Procedural Law. She plans to continue her post-doctoral studies (Habilitation) under the supervision of Prof. Hess. Her research interests include European Law, Competition Law, Civil Procedure Law, Comparative Civil Law, International Trade Law, European Neighbourhood Policy, European Integration, International and European Regulatory Law, German and European Civil and Commercial Law.


595 Bulletin

Lena Hornkohl, Anna Jorna The EU Commission imposes a first-ever fine for collusion relating solely to technical development on three car manufacturers in the area of emission cleaning (BMW / Daimler / VW)


Uncharted legal territory? – European Commission fines Volkswagen and BMW for colluding on technical development in the area of emission cleaning* On 8 July 2021, the Commission found that Daimler, BMW and the Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche) violated competition law by colluding (...)

Lena Hornkohl The EU Court of Justice annuls the Commission decision that made commitments legally binding for companies in the pay-TV services sector (Paramount / Sky / Groupe Canal +)


Canal+ (C-132/19 P): The Court of Justice Annuls Commitment Decision – The Importance of Third Party Contractual Rights* Today, the Court of Justice annulled the Commission decision that made commitments legally binding for Paramount. This decision is the first annulment of a commitment (...)

Lena Hornkohl The EU Court of Justice holds the preliminary ruling of the Spanish Competition Authority inadmissible due to the fact that the Competition Authority is not a ‘court or tribunal’ for the purpose of Article 267 TFEU (Anesco)


National Competition Authorities and Article 267 TFEU: the ECJ’s take on the referral by the Spanish Commission on Markets and Competition and its implications* Introduction and summary In the recent Anesco case, the ECJ held the preliminary request of the Spanish National Commission on (...)

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