Laurent Binet

Université Catholique de Lille, EDF (Paris)
In-house counsel

Laurent Binet is a in-house counsel in competition law in a leading company in the energy sector. Prior to that, he was a case handler at the French competition authority from 2008 to 2014. He is also an associate professor at the University Paris-Sud and lectures competition law, electronic communications law and energy law in several universities and schools.

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4828 Review

Laurent Binet Refusal of access: The General Court of the European Union partially annuls the decision of the European Commission relating to anticompetitive practices on the Slovakian telecommunications market (Slovak Telekom) (Deutsche Telekom)


The General Court of the European Union (’the General Court’), by two judgments delivered on 13 December 2018, partially annulled Decision C(2014) 7465 of the European Commission (’the Commission’) of 15 October 2014 which had jointly fined Slovak Telekom, the incumbent telecommunications operator (...)

Laurent Binet Relevant market: The Paris Court of Appeal confirms a judgment of the Paris Commercial Court sanctioning an abuse of a dominant position on the market for fixed telephony services for second homes and increases the damages award (Orange)


On June 8, 2018, the Paris Court of Appeal, following a referral from the French Supreme Court, confirmed in a judgment dated June 8, 2018, that Orange was ordered to pay compensation to SFR for the losses suffered as a result of practices of abuse of a dominant position implemented on the (...)

Laurent Binet Price differentiation: The French Supreme Court rejects actions against a judgment of the Paris Court of Appeal confirming a decision of the French Competition Authority in which it imposed a fine on mobile phone companies for practices of differentiation (Orange and SFR)


In a ruling handed down on April 5, 20018 , the French Supreme Court rejected the appeals filed by Orange and SFR against the ruling handed down by the Paris Court of Appeal on May 19, 2016 in the "on net" abundance offers case. 183.1 million for having implemented anti-competitive practices (...)

Laurent Binet Commitments: The French Competition Authority publishes a commitments proposal aiming at putting an end to practices implemented in the marketing of satellite television signal decoders by the dominant pay-TV operator (Canal Plus)


On April 5, 2018, the French Competition Authority published on its website the proposed commitments of the company Groupe Canal Plus ("GCP") aimed at responding to the competition concerns identified by the investigation services in the context of a complaint filed in 2014. Aston, a French (...)

Laurent Binet Local anticompetitive practices: The French Competition Authority rejects a complaint in the sector for museums and monuments management due to lack of evidence (Museums and monuments management)


In that case, the company Saint Jean et Saint Vincent, to which the City of Paris entrusted the operation of the Musée de Montmartre, and the Association pour le Rayonnement du Musée de Montmartre, which is linked to the abovementioned company and whose purpose is "to contribute to the public (...)

Laurent Binet Exclusionary abuse: The Paris Court of Appeal confirms the French Competition Authority’s decision for practices aimed at foreclosing competitors from the Eiffel Tower site (TDF)


The Paris Court of Appeal ("the Court") confirmed, in a judgment dated October 12, 2017, Decision No. 15-D-10 of June 11, 2015 by which the French Competition Authority had sanctioned the company Télédiffusion de France ("TDF") in the amount of 5.6 million euros for distorting competition in the (...)

Laurent Binet Jeux de casinos et de grattage : The French Competition Authority rejects, on the grounds of insufficient evidence, the referral handed down by French casino associations against the French national lottery operator (FDJ)


By a decision of 27 September 2017, the Competition Authority ("the Authority") rejected the complaint, together with a request for interim measures, lodged by several professional casino associations against La Française des Jeux ("FDJ"). The plaintiffs complained that the FDJ had abused its (...)

Laurent Binet Electric load management : The French Competition Authority delivers an opinion to the government concerning the mechanism implementing a subsidy for demand response operators (RTE, Voltalis, EDF)


It is a reserved opinion, to say the least - in the words of the press release accompanying the opinion - that the Competition Authority (Authority) gave to the government on 22 November last concerning a draft decree and a draft order on the erasure of electricity consumption, and more (...)

Laurent Binet Broadcasting: The French Postal and Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority adopts its 4th analysis decision on the wholesale market for digital terrestrial TV broadcasting


On December 15, 2015, ARCEP adopted its decision to analyze the wholesale market for terrestrial hertzian audiovisual broadcasting services, as part of the fourth round of market analysis covering the period 2015-2018. For the record, the wholesale market for terrestrial audiovisual (...)

Laurent Binet Telecommunications : The French Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority issues a decision in a dispute related to the pricing of wholesale hosting and collection offers in order to link the mobile sites to optical fibre (Free, Free Mobile, Orange)


It is an unusually clear-cut, even severe, decision that ARCEP published this summer in the context of a settlement dispute between Free and Free Mobile ("the Free companies") and Orange. The former had referred to ARCEP, on the basis of Article L. 36-8 of the French Post and Electronic (...)

Laurent Binet Broadcasting : The French Competition Authority delivers an opinion requested by the Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority related to the functioning of the DTT broadcasting market (Marché de gros amont des services de diffusion hertzienne)


This opinion, issued at the request of the Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des Postes ("ARCEP"), is part of the fourth round of market analyses and covers the period 2015-2018. It follows three previous opinions issued by the Competition Council and the Competition (...)

Laurent Binet Electronic communications : The French Competition Authority accepts the commitments aiming to limit the duration of hosting contracts signed by mobile operators (Mobile phones)


The decision of 4 June 2015 concerns the commitments proposed by TDF in response to the competition concerns expressed by the investigation services. They considered that TDF was likely to have engaged in foreclosure practices resulting in the foreclosure of its competitors on the market for (...)

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