Luis Godinho

UNSAF (Paris)

Hearing care professional himself, Luis Godinho has been the president of the National Union of hearing care professionals (UNSAF) since 2012. As the head of the UNSAF, between 2012 and 2017 he worked very hard to raise public authorities and public opinion awareness of hearing care-related issues. His efforts led to President Macron’s assurance to undertake special measures for the benefit of hearing care patients. Since 2016 Luis has been vice-president of the National Centre for healthcare professionals (CNPS); he has been member of the French Council for health insurance (HCAAM) since 2014, of the French Council for family, child welfare and old age since 2016, of the social security’s Audit Commission since 2017. Luis authored several opinion columns about social protection published in particular by Le Monde, JDD and Le quotidien du médecin.


1694 Review

Frédérique Berrod, Luc Besançon, Philippe Besset, François Blanchecotte, Gilles Bonnefond, Céline Devienne, Martial Dubonnet, Luis Godinho, Thomas Piquereau Competition enforcement in the health sector


This series of articles analyses the French competition policy in the health sector, including the notice issued by the French Competition Authority in April 2019 relating to the sectors of medicines distribution and medical biology. Each article deals with the topic from a different (...)

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