Kris Dekeyser

European Commission (Brussels)
Deputy Director-General

Kris Dekeyser is Director "Policy and Strategy" at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition. The Directorate is in charge of development of the different areas of competition policy and legislation as well as of co- operation with national competition authorities, at the EU and world-wide levels. He combines this position with his functions as Head of Unit, in charge of Antitrust case support and policy. With his team, he is thereby responsible for providing support to, and ensuring consistency of individual cases across the units in the Antitrust and Cartel fields, as well as for policy initiatives in the area of Antitrust and Cartels. Before taking up his present positions, he was the European Commission’s Cartel Settlement Officer and the Head of the Unit in charge of the European Competition Network and the Private Enforcement initiative.

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