Kirti Gupta

Qualcomm (San Diego)

Dr. Kirti Gupta is a Director of Economic Strategy at Qualcomm Inc., with expertise in applied microeconomics and econometrics. She has extensive knowledge of the mobile wireless and high-tech industry with 15 years of practice as an engineer and as an economist at Qualcomm. Kirti is responsible for managing and leading the substantive direction of global Intellectual Property (IP) and Antitrust policy and outreach and is actively involved in various international antitrust and litigation matters. Kirti has also been responsible for developing economic models for determining the optimal IP portfolio management strategies for world-wide portfolios and on designing algorithms for the valuation of IP portfolios that are now operational at Qualcomm. Prior to her role as an economist, Kirti spent over a decade as a wireless systems engineering expert, working on several technology areas spanning products such as mobile banking/commerce, push-to-talk services, and the research and development of third and fourth generation (3G and 4G) wireless cellular systems. She has represented Qualcomm in various global technology standards bodies, such as 3GPP, where she was Qualcomm’s delegate for the System Architecture (SA) working group for various critical features related to 3G and 4G. Kirti has also worked as a technical (engineering) expert in Qualcomm’s IP Department on litigation matters, evaluating potential acquisitions, and generating business and IP strategies for future technologies. Kirti is an inventor of ten granted US patents and several pending patent applications in the field of wireless communications. She has written numerous articles that have appeared in the Journal of Competition Law and Economics, Journal of Economic and Management Strategy, George Mason University Law Review, Concurrences, and others, and presented her work at numerous conferences, workshops, and invited talks at universities, government agencies, and other events.

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