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Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton (Brussels)

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Jacques Derenne, Julien Blanquart Selectivity: The General Court of the European Union dismisses the action brought against the European Commission’s “Alumina II decision” and reminds that once it has established the a priori selective nature of a measure, it is then for the Member State or the beneficiary of the State aid challenging the selective nature of the measure to show that it is justified by the nature and general scheme of the domestic tax system (Irland and Aughinish Alumina)


It is not possible here to review all the facts and developments in this lengthy process or to consider all the substantive issues that have been addressed since 2006 in this series of cases. For its background, it is useful to refer to the previous observations in Concurrences CFI, 12 December (...)

Jacques Derenne, Julien Blanquart Competition policy: The European Commission publishes its annual report on competition policy in the form of a non-exhaustive summary of the activities carried out in 2018


On 15 July 2019, the Commission published its annual report on competition policy. The following few points can be made with regard to State aid. The challenge of modernising the rules The Commission recalls that the introduction of the new General Block Exemption Regulation in 2014 and its (...)

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