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Julie Bousin works as counsel at the Ashurst Paris office. She focusses on competition law, state aid law and EU regulatory law. Prior to this, she worked at the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs. She represented the French government before the European courts in state aids and EU competition law cases. She holds diploma from King’s College London, the Natolin College of Europe, the Toulouse I University and the Utrecht University.

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2190 Review

Pascal Cardonnel, Julie Bousin Competition policy: The French Government amends the provisions of the preliminary draft law on audiovisual anticipating the transposition of measures of the ECN + Directive following an opinion of the French Administrative Supreme Court (Audiovisual communication and cultural sovereignty in the digital age)


In September 2018, the National Assembly had adopted an amendment introduced by the Government that inserted an article 71 bis in the draft law on the growth and transformation of enterprises ("PACTE law"). Brief history of this bill The purpose of Article 71a of the PACTE bill was to empower (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Julie Bousin Admissibility: The Paris Court of Appeal declares admissible for the first time an appeal lodge against a settlement decision by the beneficiary of this procedure (Alcyon)


There are still very few judgments on the settlement procedure under French law and no doubt the judgment handed down by the Paris Court of Appeal on 13 June 2019 will attract attention. The Court of Appeal has declared admissible for the first time an appeal against a decision rendered at the (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Julie Bousin Sanction: The French Competition Authority fines a company for breach of seals for the first time and for alteration of an electronic messaging service (Akka)


This case is noteworthy in several respects. On the one hand, this is a new sanction decision for a "procedural" infringement. Such decisions - whether at national or European level, and whether in the field of anti-competitive practices or merger control - have tended to increase in recent (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Julie Bousin Constitutional review: The Constitutional Council partially censors provisions of the “PACTE” Law related to the implementation of competition law (PACTE Law)


Law No 2019-486 of 22 May 2019 on the growth and transformation of enterprises was published in the Official Journal of 23 May 2019 (hereinafter the ’PACTE Law’). This publication follows the decision of the Constitutional Council of 16 May 2019 (Dec. No. 2019-781 DC), which declared certain (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Alexandre Lacresse, Julie Bousin Competition policy: The European Parliament and the Council adopt the ECN+ Directive which reinforces the institutional and procedural convergence within the European Competition Network (Directive 2019/1)


One recalls that about two years ago, the Commission made public a proposal for a directive aimed at providing NCAs with the means to implement the competition rules more effectively (see Ch. Lemaire, ECN: The European Commission makes public a proposal for a directive aimed at providing NCAs (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Julie Bousin ECN+: The French Parliament discusses the PACTE draft bill and publishes a report on the evaluation of the Macron Law, which provide for measures to empower the French Competition Authority and the Directorate General for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control to be more effective enforcers (Law n° 2015-990)


The period under review saw the presentation before or by Parliament of two initiatives that deserve to be reported here, although their future is uncertain at the moment given the very recent position adopted by the Senate. On the one hand, during the night of 14 to 15 September 2018, the (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Julie Bousin Commitment proposal: The French Competition Authority submits commitments to public consultation in the sector decoders for digital satellite television broadcasts to answer competition concerns regarding practices likely to hinder competition (Decoders for digital satellite television broadcasts)


On April 5, 2018, the French Competition Authority published the commitments proposed by Groupe Canal Plus (GCP) to address the competition concerns identified in the market for the marketing of satellite television signal decoders. This procedure is part of the investigation into a referral, (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Julie Bousin Right of defence: The Paris Court of Appeal declares an inspection decision void because of the impossibility for the company to request the immediate and effective assistance of a lawyer (Darty and Fils)


This order is in line with a series of previous decisions confirming the importance of the role of counsel in access and seizure operations from the outset. Following a lengthy procedure and in the context of a referral after cassation, the Paris Court of Appeal, in its order of March 3, 2018, (...)

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