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Joseph Vogel created Vogel & Vogel with his brother in 1990. Senior partner at one of France’s foremost competition law firms. Joseph Vogel has been a specialist in competition law for the past 30 years, 25 of which as a partner at the firm. Main areas of expertise are French and EU competition law, distribution law. Advises undertakings in the field of competition law at European and French level. Handles actions based on article 81 or 82 of the treaty, merger notifications to the Meger Task Force, competition cases before the Commission the Court of First Instance and the Court of Justice of the European Communities and advises on all issues linked to the validity and performance of exclusive distribution agreements, franchise or agency contracts including where necessary subsequent litigation. Mr. Vogel is also a recognized specialist in motor vehicle distribution and competition law, providing counsel and dealing with litigation in the areas of exclusive/selective distribution, franchise, and agency agreements.

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61700 Bulletin

Joseph Vogel The EU General Court partially annuls the Commission’s decision on a cartel in the marine hoses market clarifying issues on continuous infringements, proof of agreement and attribution of liability for anticompetitive conduct (Marine Hose Cartel)


On 28 January 2009, the European Commission handed down fines of EUR 131 million to manufacturers of marine hoses for price fixing, market sharing and exchanges of sensitive commercial information between 1986 and 2007. Several of the undertakings in question lodged appeals to the General Court (...)

Joseph Vogel The Paris Court of Appeal rules that dermo-cosmetic products do not have objective properties justifying the prohibition of their sale on the Internet (Pierre Fabre)


In answer to the question of whether a general and absolute ban on selling cosmetics and personal care products online constitutes a hardcore restriction of competition by object, the European Court of Justice said that yes it did, if "having regard to the properties of the products at issue, (...)

Joseph Vogel The French Competition Authority fines national incumbent raiwail for abusing its dominant position in the context of the opening up to competition of the rail transport sector (SNCF)


Further to an ex-officio investigation in 2008 and a complaint filed by Euro Cargo Rail in 2009, the French Competition Authority has found the SNCF guilty of several instances of abuse of dominant position in the context of the opening up to competition of the rail transport sector. After (...)

Joseph Vogel The Paris Court of Appeal possibly puts an end to a judicial soap opera concerning investigations within press undertakings by upholding the legality of antitrust investigations on French sport newspaper (Amaury Group)


Referred to by the publisher of a new daily sports newspaper of practices that a competing press group implemented for driving it from the market, the Competition Authority (AdlC) conducted an investigation. At the request of its general case-handler (rapporteure générale), the Juge des libertés (...)

Joseph Vogel The EU Court of Justice validates exclusive rights for broadcasting of sports events provided they do not grant absolute territorial exclusivity (Football Association Premier League)


The Football Association Premier League (FAPL), holder of the television broadcasting rights for the Premier League, the leading professional football league competition for football clubs in England, grants exclusive licences in respect of those broadcasting rights to one TV channel per (...)

Joseph Vogel The French Supreme Court rules that a consumer organisation may not use the Internet to solicit victims of anticompetitive practices with a view to finding claimants for damages actions (UFC Que Choisir)


UFC Que Choisir had complained of practices between three telephone operators that, in its view, were anticompetitive. Before the ruling against the operators, UFC Que Choisir had set up on its website a mechanism by which those with a grievance could develop their case in an online file. The (...)

Joseph Vogel The French Civil Supreme Court rules that non-contestation of the objections by certain parties limits others’ defence to non-participation in the infringement (Manpower / Adecco / Adia / Randstad)


The Paris Court of Appeal had ruled against the world’s leading temporary employment agencies for a price cartel concerning their major clients. The Court of Cassation has delivered a most informative decision of rejection in respect of all the appeals – essentially procedural - against the (...)

Joseph Vogel The French Civil Supreme Court refers a question to the EU Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling on the required criteria for quantitative selective distribution (Auto 24 / Jaguar Land Rover France)


The question of the criteria required for quantitative selective distribution continues to create intense debate in the case law in France. There are two opposing schools of opinion on the question both from legal commentators and in the case law: The first school argues that the European (...)

Joseph Vogel The European Court of Human Rights rules against the French search and seizure procedure prior to the 2008 reform, including the transitional system (Canal +, Primagaz)


In two important judgments, the European Court of Human Rights has partially invalidated the search and seizures procedure implemented under Article L. 450-4 of the French Commercial Code. In both cases the companies Canal Plus (Groupe Canal Plus and Sport Plus) and Primagaz challenged the (...)

Joseph Vogel The EU General Court confirms the €38 million fine imposed for breaking a seal affixed to an office of a company by the Commission during an inspection (E.ON Energie)


On 15 December 2010, the General Court of the European Union (EGC) handed down a tough but very thoroughly argued decision on the infringement of breaking of an official seal. The European Commission had ordered an inspection of the premises of the company E.ON Energie AG in the context of an (...)

Joseph Vogel The French Court of Cassation quashes a ruling of the Paris Court of Appeal that had annulled an NCA decision for excessive duration of the investigation procedure (Luxury perfumes)


A new development has arisen in the luxury perfumes case. The Paris Court of Appeal, ruling on a referral back to it from the Court of Cassation, had exceptionally annulled a Competition Council (now Competition Authority) decision for excessive duration of the investigation procedure . This (...)

Joseph Vogel The French Competition Authority rejects a claim for interim measures but holds that a pharmaceutical company may be at fault for promoting the differences between its product and competing generic products whereas such differences have no therapeutic value (Sanofi-Aventis)


Since 1998, the Sanofi-Aventis France laboratory has been marketing an antiplatelet medication, Plavix(r), whose intellectual property protection expired on 15 July 2008 in Europe, with the exception of the rights protecting clopidogrel salt used in Plavix(r) and the clopidogrel-aspirin (...)

Joseph Vogel The Paris Court of Appeal, while confirming the NCA decision on maritime servicing of Corsica, raises more expectations on clear criteria for delineating jurisdiction between the NCA and the administrative courts and for assessing the necessity of an effect on the market (SNCM)


The maritime servicing of Corsica case provided the Paris Court of Appeal with an opportunity to rule on jurisdiction between the Competition Authority and the administrative courts and on the definition of a dominant position and the necessity of an effect on the market to characterise an (...)

Joseph Vogel The French competition authority rules that an over-general exclusivity clause to the benefit of an undertaking in a dominant position prevents access to the market for other potential operators (Titres Cadeaux / Kadéos)


The company Titres Cadeaux complained that the company Kadéos was foreclosing the markets for the distribution and redeeming of multi-store gift cards by systematically including exclusivity clauses in its contracts with traders. It therefore filed a complaint with the Competition Authority for (...)

Joseph Vogel The President of a French Commercial Court rules on the competence of the local court hearing applications for interim relief on matters involving competition law (Siac, Renault)


The interim order handed down by the President of the Albi Commercial Court on 28 October 2009 is of interest insofar as it has, for the first time in France, ruled on the issue of the competence of the local court hearing applications for interim relief to rule on matters involving competition (...)

Joseph Vogel A French Court renders a new decision relative to the selection of distributors of new vehicles in a qualitative and quantitative selective distribution system (Sodac / BMW France)


Legal disputes often arise relative to the selection of distributors of new vehicles in distribution systems that are both qualitative and quantitative in the various Member States of the EU. An analysis of the decisions rendered reflects the significant difficulties, after entry into force of (...)

Joseph Vogel The Paris Court of Appeal holds that the ban on resale outside the network may apply to registered cars and discrimination is no longer prohibited per se (General Motors France / Bigorre Services Automobiles / Navarre Services Automobiles)


On 27 May 2009, the Paris Court of Appeal rendered a judgment that is of great interest with regard to two competition law issues. In respect of sales outside the network by distributors :- under Block Exemption Regulation n° 1400/2002 on the application of Article 81(3) of the Treaty to (...)

Joseph Vogel The French Supreme Court rules that parties to a commitments procedure must have access to all documents on which the case-handler has relied and to all documents submitted to the Competition Council (Canal 9/Les Indépendants)


The highest commercial court in France has for the first time addressed the question of procedural safeguards for undertakings concerned during the commitments procedure laid down in article L. 464-2, I of the Commercial Code. The aim of the procedure is “to ensure that the undertaking ceases or (...)

Joseph Vogel The French Supreme Court holds that the public policy nature of art. L. 442-6 of the French Commercial Code does not affect the application of a jurisdiction clause (Monster Cable Products v. Audio Marketing Service and Auramo France v. Seith France)


Assessment of the consequences on jurisdiction of the unchallenged public policy qualification for provisions relating to restrictive practices can be derived from two decisions, rendered by different chambers of the Cour de cassation. In the first case, a French distributor brought an action (...)

Joseph Vogel The Paris Court of Appeal holds lawful reduced 12-month notice period for dealership terminations for substantial network reorganization considered necessary by supplier in order to benefit from exemption under Reg. 1400/2002, provided it can be justified by objective circumstances (DAF Trucks)


Terminations on the basis of network reorganizations taking place at the time of entry into force of motor vehicle Block Exemption Regulation n° 1400/2002 have given rise to a number of decisions by the ECJ and in the courts of various Member States, and particularly in France. The latest (...)

Joseph Vogel The Paris Commercial Court finds a leading brokerage platform for remote electronic bidding liable for the infringement of selective distribution networks and unlawful acts committed against perfumers on its sites (eBay)


Four perfumers sue eBay, the world’s foremost brokerage platform for remote electronic bidding, for having permitted, in violation of their rights, the sale of products marketed through unauthorized channels and counterfeit sales on its sites. eBay disputed the competence of the French courts (...)

Joseph Vogel A French Court rules that a commercial Court has no jurisdiction to withdraw the benefit of the exemption provided by a block exemption regulation (Turbo Europe/Peugeot-Renault-Citroën)


The company Turbo Europe, better known under the name Automobil- Eclerc, has been in dispute with the French automobile manufacturers for a number of years. After attempting to place orders for new vehicles from Peugeot, Citroën and Renault and being turned down on the grounds of not belonging (...)

43078 Review

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The Paris Court of Appeal confirms that the Competition Authority can sue anti-competitive agreements even under the threshold of the de minimis rule (SNCF/ Expedia)


La SNCF, en situation de monopole sur le marché français du transport ferroviaire, avait conclu avec une agence de voyages un accord de partenariat qui réorientait exclusivement ses clients vers leur nouvelle agence de voyage en ligne commune : le site La Cour d’appel de Paris (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The Court of Justice of the European Communities rejects the Commission’s appeal against the annulment of the rejection of exemption’s application (GlaxoSmithKline)


Les conditions générales de vente appliquées par un fabricant de médicaments à ses grossistes impliquaient, en raison d’un système de prix différenciés, des conditions plus onéreuses lorsque les produits étaient destinés à l’exportation. Puisque cet accord avait pour objet de restreindre le commerce (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The EU Court of First Instance confirms the sanction inflicted to an automaker for having adopted restrictions on parallel exports through its Dutch dealers (Peugeot)


Le 5 octobre 2005, la Commission a infligé une amende de 49,5 millions d’euro à un constructeur automobile auquel elle a reproché d’avoir adopté une série de mesures visant à restreindre les exportations parallèles de véhicules de sa marque par ses concessionnaires néerlandais. Entre janvier 1997 et (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The French Competition Authority defines the obligations of bidders on prior market and states that candidates must preserve their autonomy (Colas Rail)


A l’occasion de nouvelles condamnations pour des échanges d’informations préalables à plusieurs appels d’offres, l’Autorité de la concurrence définit les obligations des soumissionnaires sur un marché perméable. Les opérateurs avaient en effet invoqué l’impossibilité de l’entente en raison de la porosité (...)

David Spector, Etienne Pfister, Joseph Vogel Distribution networks and competition law


Paradoxically, competition law today is frequently used more as a weapon of defence than to challenge networks, and notably against certain rules of national law. When relied on as a means of challenging networks, competition law is mainly used either to circumvent the networks, or to gain (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The Paris Commercial Court condemns a telecom operator to pay € 10 millions to a cable company for the loss of profit resulting of defamation practices (Telecom / Numéricâble)


La société Numéricâble, câblo-opérateur, obtient devant le Tribunal de commerce de Paris la réparation du préjudice subi du fait de pratiques de la société France Telecom, ou de sa filiale Wanadoo, constitutives de dénigrement (Cons. conc., 15 oct. 2007) et de prix prédateurs (Comm. CE, 16 juill. 2003 (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The French Supreme Court states that the supplier in a system of exclusive distribution is free to choose its distributors (Salento Cars / General Motors France)


Après avoir résilié les contrats de l’ensemble des membres de son réseau, un constructeur concède à l’un de ses anciens partenaires la distribution de certaines gammes de véhicules de sa marque, à l’exclusion des véhicules utilitaires (VU). Le concessionnaire assigne le fournisseur en responsabilité pour (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The French Supreme Court states that the effect on trade between Member States of a local agreement is assessed primarily in terms of sales volume in national level (Total Réunion, Total Outre-Mer, Shell, Air France, Chevron, Esso Saf)


La Cour d’appel de Paris (24 nov. 2009, LawLex200900003448JBJ) avait condamné, sur le fondement de l’article 101 TFUE, plusieurs compagnies pétrolières pour leur participation à une entente lors de l’appel d’offres organisé par Air France pour la fourniture en carburant de son escale à La Réunion. La (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The Court of Justice of the European Union confirms the fine of 500 000 euros imposed on a video game producer for its participation in a cartel on the market of game consoles and game cartridges (Activision Blizzard Germany)


Saisie sur plainte, la Commission a diligenté une enquête dans le secteur des jeux vidéo, qui a révélé qu’entre 1991 et 1997, un important producteur japonais et ses distributeurs se sont entendus pour faire obstacle au commerce parallèle et maintenir ainsi des prix artificiellement élevés dans (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The French Competition Authority punishes three container handlers for prices’ collusion on their services (Secteur de la manutention portuaire à La Réunion)


L’Autorité de la concurrence (AdlC) s’est saisie d’office des pratiques mises en œuvre par les entreprises intervenant dans le secteur de la manutention portuaire à la Réunion. Au terme de ses investigations, elle a constaté qu’après l’entrée en vigueur de l’ordonnance du 1er décembre 1986 qui a (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The Paris Court of Appeal interprets extensively the concept of the judicial review within a reasonable time (Secteur du béton prêt à l’emploi dans la région Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur)


Le 21 décembre 2010, la Cour européenne des droits de l’Homme avait condamné le dispositif transitoire prévu pour le contrôle juridictionnel des opérations de visite et saisie dans les affaires Canal Plus et Primagaz (CDC 01/2011). Dès le 13 janvier, la Cour d’appel de Paris a ordonné la réouverture (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The French Supreme Court reaffirms that a civil court can not take into account the recordings of telephone conversations made without the knowledge of the author to take its decision (France Company Philips, Sony France Company)


L’Autorité de la concurrence (AdlC) s’est auto-saisie des obstacles à la concurrence que représentent, dans le secteur de la grande distribution à dominante alimentaire, les contrats d’affiliation et de franchise ainsi que les modalités de gestion du foncier commercial. L’AdlC souligne la (...)

Anne Perrot, Jeanne Lubek, Joseph Vogel The restrictions on Internet distribution


This set of three papers is derived from the training session on the restrictions on Internet distribution organised by Concurrences Review that has held on 16th November 2010 in Paris. For Ms Lubek the current trade-off between the pro-competitive effects of Internet distribution and the (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The French Competition Authority closes a procedure of agreement with falsified documents issued from a leniency procedure (Pétroles Shell, Butagaz)


A la suite de visites et saisies effectuées dans ses locaux, une société gazière avait déposé une demande de clémence (C. com., art. L. 464-2, IV) auprès de la DGCCRF et dénoncé des ententes mises en œuvre par elle-même et ses concurrents dans le secteur du GPL conditionné, portant sur les prix ou visant à (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel Remedies: The French Competition Authority accepts four commitments about online advertising provided by a search engine (Google Adwords)


L’Autorité de la concurrence avait prononcé des mesures conservatoires à l’encontre de Google qui, selon elle, avait mis en œuvre son service de vente d’espaces publicitaires en ligne AdWords dans des conditions non objectives, non transparentes et discriminatoires à l’égard d’une entreprise active (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel Abuse - Fine: The Court of Justice of the European Union confirms the condemnation of the German telecom incumbent for abuse of dominant position and the fine of 12.6 millions euros (Deutsche Telekom)


En 2003, la Commission a considéré que, par un effet de ciseau tarifaire, Deutsche Telekom (DT) avait abusé de sa position dominante sur le marché de la téléphonie fixe, en facturant à ses concurrents des tarifs de prestations intermédiaires pour l’accès à la boucle locale plus élevés que les prix de (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The Paris Court of Appeal confirms the abuse of dominant position of two operators on the telephony market (Caribbean Orange and France Telecom)


Orange Caraïbe avait fait l’objet de mesures conservatoires visant à la cessation de pratiques d’exclusivité, de différenciation tarifaire, et d’effet de club, susceptibles de constituer des pratiques anticoncurrentielles (Cons. conc., 9 déc. 2004, confirmé par Paris, 28 janv. 2005). Cinq ans plus (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The French Competition Authority condemns eleven banks for agreements on the amount of interchange fees received in respect of payments by check (Agreement in banking sector)


L’Autorité de la concurrence vient de condamner onze banques pour s’être entendues pendant cinq ans sur le montant fixe de commissions interbancaires perçues à raison des paiements par chèques sur le territoire national. La concertation a eu lieu au cours des réunions de la Commission Inter-Réseaux (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The Court of the European Union confirms the Commission decision condemning an abuse of a dominant position on the market for automatic recovery of beverages packaging (Tomra)


Par une décision du 29 mars 2006, la Commission a condamné l’abus de position dominante du groupe Tomra qui avait mis en œuvre sur les marchés allemand, néerlandais, autrichien, suédois et norvégien des récupérateurs automatiques d’emballages pour boissons, une stratégie d’exclusion, en concluant des (...)

Fabien Curto Millet, Joseph Vogel Complex pricing strategies


This two short papers summarize the main points of the training course Law & Economics held on April 14th 2010 on “Complex pricing strategies” by Concurrences. In the first paper, the author underlines that complex pricing strategies deployed by dominant undertakings have often been targeted (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The Court of the European Union confirms the condemnation of a pharmaceutical company for abuse of dominant position but reduces the fine imposed (AstraZeneca)


Le 1er juillet 2010, le Tribunal de l’Union européenne a confirmé la condamnation du groupe AstraZeneca pour abus de position dominante. En 2005, la Commission avait constaté la mise en œuvre de deux pratiques abusives : les déclarations trompeuses du groupe auprès de différents offices nationaux de (...)

Andrei Gurin, Catherine Brel, Jacqueline Riffault-Silk, Joseph Vogel, Laurence Idot, Marie Malaurie-Vignal, Muriel Chagny, Nicolas Guérin, Reine-Claude Mader Saussaye, Robert Saint-Esteben, Thibaud Vergé, Wilfried Guerrand Conference: Distribution on Internet and Antitrust (AFEC, Paris, 5 October 2009)


Propos introductifs Laurence Idot Professeur, Universtité Paris II, Collège européen Directeur du Comité scientifique de Concurrences 1. Monsieur le Président du tribunal de commerce, Mesdames, Messieurs. Cette journée est une première et je m’en félicite. C’est en effet la première fois qu’un (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel Liability: The EU Court of Justice confirms a Commission’s decision holding the mother company liable for its subsidiary (Akzo Nobel)


Plusieurs filiales, directes ou indirectes, de la société Akzo Nobel avaient été condamnées avec elle au paiement conjoint et solidaire d’une amende pour une infraction complexe et continue, à laquelle la société mère n’avait pas elle-même participé. Se fondant sur la part de marché de l’ensemble des (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The French Competition Authority refuses to apply antitrust law to the members of an economic unit formed by a supplier and its distributors (Punto Fa)


L’Autorité de la concurrence a été appelée à se prononcer sur des ententes de prix prétendument mises en œuvre par un fournisseur et ses distributeurs dans le secteur du prêt-à-porter féminin, qualifiées de « contrat de dépôt commercial gratuit et gestion de vente », qui excluaient expressément la (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel The French competition authority specifies the conditions in which a merger can harm competition in the local markets (Caisse d’Epargne et Banque Populaire)


Le rapprochement entre la Banque Fédérale des Banques Populaires (BFBP) et la Caisse Nationale des Caisses d’Epargne (CNCE), qui se profilait depuis la création de leur filiale commune Natixis, fin 2006, et qui a été précipité par la crise financière, vient de donner naissance au deuxième groupe (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel Relevant market: The Paris Court of Appeal states that the definition of the relevant market must be specific when the competitor in position of abuse of dominant position is a service of general economic interest (Vedettes Vendéennes)


Le Pôle 5 Chambre 7 de la Cour d’appel de Paris vient de rendre, sur renvoi de la Cour de cassation, une décision qui suscite l’étonnement tant par son dispositif que par sa motivation. On se souvient que le Conseil de la concurrence (Cons. conc., 23 déc. 2004), puis la cour d’appel (Paris, 28 juin (...)

Joseph Vogel, Louis Vogel Causality - Presumption: The EU Court of Justice states that the causality’s presumption between the concerted practice and the market conduct must be applied by the national court (T‑Mobile Netherlands)


Cinq opérateurs de téléphonie mobile participent à une unique réunion portant sur une réduction de la rémunération des revendeurs d’abonnements, au cours de laquelle ils échangent des informations confidentielles. L’objet anticoncurrentiel de la rencontre est avéré : les rémunérations des revendeurs (...)

Alain Ronzano, Jean-Bernard Blaise, Joseph Vogel Distribution exclusivity: Short reaction on the comment related to the suspension of Orange’s exclusivity on Apple’s iPhone (Orange / iPhone)


Short reaction on the comment related to the suspension of Orange’s exclusivity on Iphone Apple. Ayant eu à connaître de cette affaire en tant que Conseils de Bouygues Telecom, nous voudrions en quelques phrases rappeler les évidences qui semblent avoir guidé la Cour dans son contrôle de la (...)


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