John M. Newman

University of Miami
Associate Professor

Professor Newman joined the Miami Law faculty in 2019. His current scholarly focus is on the economics and regulation of digital markets and platforms, with a particular emphasis on antitrust, contract, and intellectual-property issues. Prior to joining the Miami Law faculty, Professor Newman served as an assistant professor at the University of Memphis School of Law and practiced with the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division (entry via the Honors Program). He also serves as an advisory-board member of the American Antitrust Institute and regularly advises private-sector clients on contemporary antitrust matters.


516 Review

John M. Newman Reactionary Antitrust


Article to be published in Herbert Hovenkamp Liber Amicorum, N. Charbit and al. (eds.), Concurrences, 2020. The antitrust enterprise is undergoing a renaissance. New voices have emerged. Issues long considered settled have been opened for re-examination. Lively debate has prompted antitrust (...)


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