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John DeQ. Briggs

Axinn Veltrop & Harkrider (Washington)
Lawyer (Partner)

John Briggs is one of the most accomplished competition lawyers of his generation. For more than thirty-five years, Mr. Briggs has been counsel of choice for the many companies mentioned below to protect their balance sheets and strategic interests from governmental and private threats. He is Co-Chair of Axinn’s Antitrust Group and Managing Partner of the firm’s Washington, DC office. His practice is focused on antitrust (mainly private treble damage actions ; mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and cartels) ; and other complex civil litigation (mainly parent/shareholder liability and business torts)


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John Briggs (Axinn)
John DeQ. Briggs 24 September 2018 Washington, DC
John DeQ. Briggs
John DeQ. Briggs 28 September 2015 Washington, DC
John Briggs - Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider
John DeQ. Briggs 14 April 2015 Washington DC


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