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Johan Polet

Simmons & Simmons (Amsterdam)
Lawyer (Partner)

Johan has extensive experience in commercial litigation and arbitration. He advises and represents several large corporates in large civil fraud matters and high-profile D&O litigation cases. Johan is also active in antitrust litigation and class actions. Johan is a member of the firm’s crime, fraud and investigations group. Johan also advises companies on commercial contracts, insurance litigation and professional risk, product liability and UN/EU sanctions regulations.

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393 Bulletin

Johan Polet The Dutch Trade and Industry Appeal Tribunal annuls a fining decision, requesting the Competition Authority to reset the fines at a much lower level (Gardening companies)


Late in 2005 the Dutch Competition Authority (NMa) imposed fines totalling €1.1m on eight gardening companies for engaging in illegal bid rigging in the southern Dutch city of Maastricht. In the beginning of 2004, the companies had agreed between themselves which companies would win five one (...)

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