DG ENER (Brussels)

Joerg Koehli

DG ENER (Brussels)
Head of upstream oil and gas, Senior Expert (European Commission)

Jörg Köhli works as a Head of upstream oil and gas ( Senior Expert) in the European Commission in Brussels. His current tasks include the security of energy supply in the European Union and the safety of offshore oil and gas operations. Jörg Köhli has worked many years in various areas outside and inside the European Commission. He held several posts at the Institute of World Economics (Germany) and the Federal Ministry for Housing, Regional Planning and Urban Development (Germany). In the European Commission he has worked in the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, the Directorate General for Competition and the Directorate General for Energy. Since 2016 he holds a high level position in the Directorate General for Energy.

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297 Bulletin

Joerg Koehli The EU Court of Justice dismisses the Commission’s appeal and confirms the General Court’s ruling concerning Germany’s restructuring aid for shipyards (Kvaerner Warnow Werft)


"Capacity limitations for shipyards in the context of the Court of Justice’ judgement on Kvaerner Warnow Werft (KWW)"* Introduction On 28 February 2002, the Court of First Instance annulled two Commission decisions concerning the East German shipyard Kvaerner Warnow Werft (KWW), which ruled (...)

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