Jody Coultas

Wolters Kluwer (Chicago)
Associate Legal Analyst

Jody is Associate Legal Analyst at Wolters Kluwer in Chicago. He has done researches in legal developments in the areas of consumer protection, privacy law, antitrust, and environmental law. He has published monthly updates to legal research guides that provide explanatory materials on multiple legal topics . He has tracked and analyzed pending legislation and amendments to state consumer protection laws. He has developed workflow solutions to provide answers to legal questions in the most convenient way for attorneys. He has edited and assisted in the publishing of a global privacy and security law reference guide. Before joining Wolters Kluwer in 2008, he was law clerk in SmithAmundsen. He holds a J.D. from Chicago Kent College of Law.

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1105 Bulletin

Jody Coultas The US Supreme Court hears oral arguments to determine whether iPhone App Store customers are Apple direct purchasers in order to pursue the Big Tech monopoly claims (Apple / Pepper)


Will High Court allow consumers to pursue Apple Monopoly claims?* The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on November 26 in a suit alleging that the Ninth Circuit erred in holding that iPhone App Store customers were direct purchasers of those apps and had standing to sue Apple for the (...)

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