ASP Advogados (Luanda)

Joana Pacheco

ASP Advogados (Luanda)
Managing Associate

Joana Pacheco collaborates with VdA Legal Partners since 2015, integrating ASP Advogados as Managing Associate.

She has been actively involved in several transactions in Portugal and Angola, with a particular focus on the oil industry services, energy, mining and shipping sectors.


58 Bulletin

Nuno Ruiz, Miguel Mendes Pereira, Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro, Joana Pacheco The Angolan Government creates the Competition Regulatory Authority which replaces the Prices & Competition Institute


On 21 December 2018, Presidential Decree 313/18 approving the bylaws of the Angolan Competition Regulatory Authority (“CRA”) was published, putting in place the last piece of the Angolan competition law regime. The decree completes the Angolan Competition Act (“ACA”), of 10 May 2018, and the (...)

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