Jean Pisani Ferry

Bruegel (Brussels)

Jean Pisani-Ferry is Director of Bruegel, a European economic think tank located in Brussels. He was Commissioner General of the policy institute France Strat├ęgie ( Appointed in May 2013, he reports directly to the French Prime Minister. Prior to this, he was director of Bruegel, the Brussels-based economic think tank he helped create in 2005. Jean Pisani-Ferry is also a professor at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. He has written numerous books on economic policy and European policy issues and contributes regularly to several international publications.


488 Review

Jean Pisani Ferry State support for innovation: Time for questions


France supports innovation with about 10 billion euro a year, or 0.5% of its GDP. It has done so consistently over the past few decades to bolster the competitiveness of the French economy. Nevertheless, it is still worth questioning the relevance of the 62 existing measures that support (...)

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