James Mancini

OECD - Competition Division (Paris)
Competition Expert

James is a competition expert in the OECD’s Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs. He conducts research to support the work of the OECD Competition Committee, and contributes to capacity-building efforts for competition authorities. Before joining the OECD, James held consulting roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers as well as NERA Economic Consulting. In these positions, he prepared economic expert reports for antitrust and securities litigation, including damage quantification and class certification matters, as well as policy impact assessments for several governments. Prior to these roles, James was an economist in the Government of Canada’s Department of Finance, where he provided advice on securities regulation in the wake of the financial crisis. James has also worked in the office of a Minister in the Canadian federal government and a utilities regulator.

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James Mancini (OECD)
James Mancini 26 September 2018 Brussels
James Mancini (OECD)
James Mancini 20 September 2018 Brussels


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