Clifford Chance (Paris)

Jalil El Khanchoufi

Clifford Chance (Paris)
Academic Student

Jalil studied economics and mathematics before graduating from the Master’s degree in Business Management of EDHEC Business School and the Master’s degree in Business law of the Catholic University of Lille. Jalil worked in the antitrust and competition departments of French and International law firms in Paris.

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97 Review

David Tayar, Jalil El Khanchoufi Gun jumping: The General Court of the European Union confirms the European Commission’s decision imposing fines on a telecommunications company for implementing a merger before its notification and clearance (Altice / PT Portugal)


In March 2016, the European Commission [the "Commission"] had opened an investigation into whether Altice Europe NV ["Altice"] had breached the prior notification and standstill obligations under the EU Merger Control Regulation [the "Regulation"] in connection with its acquisition of sole (...)

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