Jacques Davy

Federation of Commerce and Distribution - FCD (Paris)
Director of Legal and Fiscal Affairs

Jacques Davy is the Director of legal and fiscal affairs in the Federation of Commerce and Distribution (FCD) since 2018. He was Head of Legal Department from 2005 to 2013 and Commercial Legal Director from 2013 to 2018 at Monoprix.

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Federation of Commerce and Distribution - FCD (Paris)


593 Review

Anne-Sophie Choné-Grimaldi, Patrick Bénézit, Hugues Beyler, Jacques Davy, Antoine Suau, Valérie Weil-Lancry Expectations of economic operators (The reform of the French Commercial Code’s Title IV Book IV - Nanterre, April 4th, 2019)


A round table, moderated by Professor Anne-Sophie Choné-Grimaldi, allowed the representatives of the various links in the sectors to express themselves and discuss the content of the new texts. From upstream to downstream, this roundtable brought together: For the production: Patrick Bénézit, (...)

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