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Israel Competition Authority (Jerusalem)

The Israel Antitrust Authority is responsible for promoting competition in Israel and for preserving existing competition in the economy. In recent years, the Antitrust Authority has begun to focus on centralization in the market, in accordance with the Law for Promotion of Competition and Reduction of Concentration, in an attempt to reduce market-wide concentration in the Israeli economy. The Authority’s initiatives impact many different fields and sectors in the market. It strives to promote competition in the finance (banking, insurance, pension, etc.) and media sectors, and in industries such as food, retail, transportation, healthcare, infrastructure and environment protection, energy and more. These diverse activities and initiatives are made possible thanks to a quality, professional, dedicated staff that works day and night to maintain and promote competition in the market. The Antitrust Authority is authorized to enforce many different regulations, which it does in accordance with the policies that it formulated over the years and with the guidelines that it publishes. These criminal enforcement tools are utilized by the Antitrust Authority to investigate and prosecute cartel crimes and tender coordination. In recent years the Antitrust Authority was also granted the authority to impose monetary sanctions, which it uses in accordance with its manifesto that emphasizes how violation of the law interferes with competition. In addition to these tools, the Authority may declare that a law has been broken, give orders to the monopoly owner, define terms for mergers and exemptions, and more. One of the most fundamental recent developments in the Authority is its productive collaborations with other government organizations, including consultations for the government as well as activities related to the Concentration Law.

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Israel Competition Authority (Jerusalem)


1127 Bulletin

Israel Competition Authority The Israeli Competition Authority considers imposing a fine on a big tech company for gun-jumping in two takeovers of national companies (Facebook / RedKix / Service Friend)


The Director General for Competition is considering to impose monetary sanctions on Facebook a for a violation of the Economic Competition Law by consummating transactions in Israel without the Director General’s consent* The Director General for Competition notified Facebook today, May 11, (...)

Israel Competition Authority The Israeli Competition Authority examines 21 national start-ups that were acquired by giant technology companies and submits the findings to the OECD


Are there ‘Killer Acquisitions’ in Israel?* The Israel Competition Authority examined what happened to 21 Israeli “start-ups” that were acquired by giant technology companies the findings were submitted to the OECD The digital economy giants provide new challenges to competition authorities (...)

Israel Competition Authority The Israeli Competition Authority files an indictment against a major film distributor and a cinema company for the breach of merger conditions committed under aggravating circumstances (Mooki Greidinger / Forum Film)


The Competition Authority has filed an indictment against Mooki Greidinger and Forum Film Ltd. for breach of merger conditions committed under aggravating circumstances* According to the Indictment, the defendants have systematically refused to supply movies to Lev Tel Aviv Cinema, a (...)

Israel Competition Authority The Israel Competition Tribunal upholds the Competition Authority’s instruction prohibiting an importer from reporting to multinational consumer products company on parallel imports of the company’s toothpaste (Schestowitz / Colgate-Palmolive)


The Competition Tribunal has confirmed an instruction of the Director-General, which prohibits Schestowitz from reporting to Colgate-Palmolive on parallel imports of Colgate toothpaste* The Competition Tribunal granted the force of a judgment to a new instruction of the Director-General to (...)

Israel Competition Authority The Israeli Competition Authority fines a company for abuse of its monopoly status, unreasonable refusal to supply and for the violation of merger conditions in the soft drink market (Coca Cola)


THE COMMISSIONER OF COMPETITION FINED COCA COLA ISRAEL APPROXIMATELY NIS 39 MILLION:* The Commissioner of Competition decided today (Tuesday) to impose a monetary sanction of approximately NIS 39 Million on the Central Company for Sales and Distribution, for abusing its monopoly status, for (...)

Israel Competition Authority The Jerusalem District Court sentences to imprisonment a member of a tree-pruning cartel following a joint investigation of the Competition Authority and the National Fraud Investigations Unit (Zohar Katz)


The Jerusalem District Court sentenced a member of the tree-pruning cartel to 11 months’ imprisonment* The Jerusalem District Court (Judge A. Rubin) sentenced today (Wed.) the defendant Zohar Katz to 11 months’ imprisonment, a fine of NIS 100,000 and forfeiture of an additional sum of NIS (...)

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