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Henri Piffaut

French Competition Authority (Paris)
Vice President

Henri Piffaut is a Vice President of French Competition Authority. He is a former Adviser to the Deputy Director General for mergers at DG Competition of the European Commission. He has spent most of his career in the competition policy field. During the academic year 2016/17 he served as a fellow at Harvard University where he pursued research on the interaction of competition policy and platform industries. He has been a head of unit for merger control and for conduct cases. Both at DG Competition and in the private sector he dealt with pay-for-delay cases in the pharmaceutical industry, conduct and merger cases in the energy, payment systems, IT and telecom industries, State intervention in the transport industry and merger cases in a variety of industries. He holds degrees in science and engineering, political science and economics.



Henri Piffaut (DG COMP)
Henri Piffaut 5 February 2019 Paris


17017 Bulletin

Henri Piffaut, Stéphane Dewulf The Belgian Competition Council fines three companies nearly € 1.5 M for price fixing, market sharing and output-limitation in the chemical industry and applies leniency (Bayer - Ferro - Lonza and Solutia Europe)


On 4 April 2008, the Belgian Competition Council found the three biggest producers of Butyl Benzyl Phthalate (BBP) - i.e. Bayer, Ferro and Solutia Europe - and a distributor (Lonza) guilty of fixing price, market-sharing, limiting output and exchanging strategic information. BBP is a chemical (...)

Henri Piffaut, Stéphane Dewulf The Brussels Court of appeal invalidates a decision by the Belgian Competition Council to lift the restrictions imposed on a cinema chain merger, and inter alia prohibition of exclusivity/priority clause (Kinepolis)


Introduction On the 23rd of August 2007, the Brussels Court of Appeal accepted the request of UGC, Utopolis and FCB to revoke a decision by the Belgian Competition Council concerning the cinema chain Kinepolis. This latter decision lifted the restrictions imposed on Kinepolis in 1997 when the (...)

Henri Piffaut, Jean Huby, Miguel Angel Pena Castellot, Nicholas Banasevic, Oliver Sitar The EU Commission adopts a decision in a case concerning the abuse of a dominant position by a leading US provider in the PC operating systems (Microsoft)


"Commission adopts Decision in the Microsoft case"* 1. Introduction On March 24 2004, the Commission concluded its Microsoft investigation by way of a formal Decision. This brought to an end proceedings which had lasted just over five years. The Commission found that Microsoft had abused its (...)

François-Xavier Rouxel, Guillaume Loriot, Henri Piffaut The European Commission conditionally clears a merger in the industrial gases industry (Air Liquide / Messer)


"Air Liquide / Messer: addressing the changes brought about by the concentration in the industrial gases industry"* On 15 March 2004, the European Commission approved, subject to conditions, the acquisition by L’Air Liquide SA (‘Air Liquide’) of Messer Griesheim KGaA’s (‘Messer Group’) activities (...)

Alexander Schaub, Claude Rakovsky, Henri Piffaut, Peter De Luyck The EU Commission approves, subject to remedies, a merger between two leading French oil companies (TotalFina / Elf Aquitaine)


"The case TotalFina / Elf Aquitaine: preserving a contestable and competitive market in an industry that is of a particularly sensitive nature to the consumer"* On 24 August 1999 the Commission was notified of the proposed acquisition by TotalFina of Elf Aquitaine. These two companies are the (...)

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