Henner Schläfke

Noerr (Berlin)
Lawyer (Partner)

Dr Henner Schläfke is Partner in the Litigation department of Noerr Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB and part of Noerr’s Antitrust & Competition Group. Henner specializes in antitrust damages litigation and has extensive experience in defending antitrust clients against follow-on claims as well as in setting up structured projects for companies claiming damages. His practice covers a wide range of industries with a special focus on retail, banking, automotive and consumer goods. Additionally, Henner is admitted as a specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law and represents clients in this area.

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118 Bulletin

Henner Schläfke The German Federal Court of Justice decides that in a quota-fixing and customer-assigning cartel the prerequisites for prima facie evidence to establish whether the cartel has inflicted damage and whether it has affected individual orders are not fulfilled (Rail cartel)


German Federal Court of Justice: no double prima facie evidence in cartel damages litigation* In a landmark ruling dated 11 December 2018 (KZR 26/17 – “rail cartel”), the German Federal Court of Justice decided that, in a quota-fixing and customer-assigning cartel, the prerequisites for prima (...)

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