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Hans Vedder is professor of Economic Law at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He is an honorary judge in the Leeuwarden Appeals Court and Member of the Advisory Commitee on Appeals to the Netherlands Competition Authority. He teaches and researches EU law and European environmental law and competition law in particular.

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Hans Vedder Environmental Sustainability and Competition Policy: Trends in European and national cases


Competition law has never been out of flux. This is probably because the underlying idea, the very reason why we have competition law, connects intimately with the fundamental choice for a free market economy. And it is these fundamental choices that continue to elicit debate.

The choice for a free market economy is at odds with the desire to have sustainable economic growth. An economist can explain that this is because of the presence of externalities or transaction costs. As things are, most of the environmental pressure, or more generally, threats to sustainability, simply involve little to no cost for the entity causing that pressure on or reduction in sustainability. Whether this involves polluting the environment or overexploiting labour, the simple fact is that the majority of costs arising from this are not internalised in the economic process that sets prices and determines production and scarcity. This leads to an unsustainable trajectory, meaning that the competition and environment nexus will only become more relevant across the board.

Hans Vedder The EU Court of Justice deals with the question to what extent the cartelists are required to compensate the higher price charged not just by the members of the cartel, but also by other competitors (Kone)


The Kone case and the lifts cartel – an upward effect on prices and effectiveness?* On June 5 the Court has handed down the eagerly awaited judgment in the Kone case. This is one of the several cases that result from the Commission’s decision finding a cartel in the elevators and escalators (...)

Hans Vedder The EU Court of Justice rules on the dichotomy between anticompetitive object-effect with respect to bilateral arrangements between car dealers and insurance companies (Allianz)


Allianz and the Object-Effect Dichotomy in Article 101(1) TFEU: A Practical Solution Meets Not So Practical Competition Law* Two separate insurance companies Allianz and Generali concluded a number of contracts with autorepair shops on the prices and other conditions that would apply for cars (...)

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