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Godefroy de Moncuit de Boiscuillé

University Paris-Panthéon-Assas, EIPA
Institut Européen d’administration publique - Centre européen de la magistrature (EIPA) Lecturer (Maître de conférences) at EIPA / Research associate at Paris 2 Panthéon Assas

Godefroy de Moncuit is currently a lecturer (« Maître de conférences ») at the European Institute of Public Administration and a research associate at University Paris II Pantheon Assas (Paris Center for Law and Economics - CRED). He is also part-time lecturer at Centrale Supelec (Paris Saclay University). He has published a book which has been awarded the Concurrences Best PhD Award and the international Jacques Lassier Prize. Godefroy was recently granted the IOS research ‘seed money’ funding (round 13) which rewards an "innovative research proposal of high academic quality with a significant social impact". He also obtained the french qualification of "Maître de conférences" (MCF). His researches mainly focus on European Law, Competition Law, Law & Economics, Technology Law and the Law of Artificial Intelligence.



 Concurrences PhD Award
 Jacques Lassier Award (International League of Competition Law)
 Laureate of the seed money call (Institutions for Open Societies, round 13-Utrecht University-2020)

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2377 Review

Godefroy de Moncuit de Boiscuillé Merger control: The European Court of Auditors issues recommendations in response to the European Commission’s lack of resources to ensure the effectiveness of merger control and antitrust procedures


On 19 November 2020, the European Court of Auditors published its Special Report on the European Commission’s activity in the field of competition. In order to draw up several observations, the auditors examined a sample "based on risk analysis and comprising 50 cases of cartels, abuses of (...)

Godefroy de Moncuit de Boiscuillé International competition policy: The International Competition Network presents a scoping paper on "Big Data and Agreements", which analyses the impact of digitalization in cartel enforcement


TheInternational Competition Network recently presented a scoping paper on the impact of digitisation in the fight against cartels. There is currently a debate on the use of big data in the training of predictive algorithms to form new forms of cartels (algorithmic cartels) to facilitate price (...)

Godefroy de Moncuit de Boiscuillé European competition policy: The European Commission launches two preliminary impact studies prior to a competitive framework for digital platforms


The Commission’s impact assessment sets out a reflection on the future competitive regulation of digital platforms. Background On 2 June 2020, coinciding with the adoption of the Digital Services Act, the European Commission launched two impact studies on the regulation of digital platforms. (...)

Godefroy de Moncuit de Boiscuillé Transposition: The German Ministry of Economic Affairs publishes the draft law on the 10th amendment to the German law against restrictions of competition


The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs recently published its draft law on the 10th amendment of the German Act on Restraints of Competition. The bill proposes major changes to competition policy in Germany and aims in particular at the implementation of the (EU) 2019/1 Directive (ECN+ (...)


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