Giovanni Scoccini

Studio Legale Scoccini E Associati (Rome)
Lawyer (Associate)

Giovanni Scoccini is the head of the antitrust practice of Scoccini & Associati, a niche firm specialized in commercial litigation. Giovanni represents and assists clients, in particular with respect to collusive agreements among competitors, monopolistic abuse of a dominant position, application of competition rules to the public sector and State aid. He focuses on competition litigation on behalf of claimants. Giovanni was previously an associate at DLA Piper. During this time he advised national and international companies operating in a wide variety of economic sectors, with a particular focus on merger control and on anticompetitive practices (price fixing, abuses of dominant position). He counselled on merger filings both before the European Commission and the Italian Competition Authority and coordinated worldwide merger notifications for transactions requiring clearance in multiple jurisdictions. Mr Scoccini’s industry experience includes food; agriculture; pharmaceutical; integrated logistics; renewable energy; transport; engineering; chemicals; manufacturing; telecommunications; fashion; maritime agency services; and civil aviation.

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5478 Bulletin

Alessandro Calcagni, Giovanni Scoccini The Italian Administrative Court of First Instance rejects the appeals against the Competition Authority’s decision fining a cartel in the cement sector


With a series of decisions published between 12/06/2018 and 30/07/2018, the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, which is the first instance court for the appeal against the decisions of the Italian Competition Authority, rejected all the appeals against the decision ascertaining a cartel in (...)

Antonio Campitiello, Giovanni Scoccini The EU General Court follows Court of Justice’s EnBW judgement concerning the right to access documents collected by the European Commission (Axa)


The Axa case On the 7th of July 2015, the Third Chamber of the General Court of the European Union, issued a judgment on the right to access documents collected by the European Commission in a proceeding applying EU competition law (Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of (...)

Francesco Bruno, Giovanni Scoccini The Italian Supreme Court applies the principles of Directive 2014/104/EU in favour of claimants in a stand-alone case concerning an abuse of dominant position (Cargest)


Introduction On the 4th of June 2015, the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation (hereinafter referred to as “ISC”) overruled a judgment of the Court of Appeal of Rome concerning a claim brought by 52 food distributors against Cargest Srl because of an abuse of dominant position by the defendant. (...)

Francesco Bruno, Giovanni Scoccini The Italian Competition Authority fines eight ready-mix concrete manufacturers for two cartels and applies its new fining guidelines (Intermodale / General Beton Triveneta / Calcestruzzi / SuperBeton)


On 25 March 2015, the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) fined eight ready-mix concrete manufacturers. The ICA imposed penalties of more than EUR12.5 million as a result of establishing price fixing and market allocation in the Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) region. The investigation was opened (...)

Giovanni Scoccini The Italian administrative court of first instance annuls the decision of the Italian Competition Authority that fined ferry operators for a concerted practice because it failed to meet the burden of the proof (Moby / GNV / SNAV / Marinvest)


On 7 May 2014 the administrative court of first instance with jurisdiction on antitrust cases (TAR Lazio) annulled the decision of the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) . The ICA had fined ferry operators Moby, GNV and SNAV and Marinvest - the holding company of the latter two -, after it (...)

Giovanni Scoccini The Enterprises Court of Milan awards to a local telecom operator damages in a follow-on case of a margin squeeze decision against the incumbent operator (Brennercom / Telecom Italia)


Introduction On the December 27 2013, the Enterprises Court of Milan awarded damages to Brennercom, a fixed-line telecom operator active in the north-east of Italy, in respect of a claim brought against Telecom Italia. This case arose as a follow-on action from a decision of the Italian (...)

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