Gildas de Muizon

Deloitte (Paris)
Partner, Head of Economic Advisory

Dr Gildas de Muizon is a partner and head of the Economic Advisory practice at Deloitte France. For 10 years, he was the managing partner of Microeconomix, a French economic consultancy acquired by Deloitte France in 2016. He has extensive experience advising clients on complex economic and data issues. He is an expert in competition, IP and regulatory economics and manages a strong team of econometricians and data scientists to help his clients and their lawyers in a variety of litigation cases. In the antitrust area, Dr de Muizon has advised on a variety of competition law issues and provides sound economic expertise applied to antitrust and competition law proceedings before the European Commission and national competition authorities (mergers and acquisitions, abuse of dominance, cartels, compliance audits). He has provided several written and oral testimonies in competition policy cases. Dr de Muizon has also served as an expert in commercial and contractual litigations before French courts and international arbitrations. He is a respected specialist in damage assessment. He acted a party-appointed expert in many major follow-on claims before French courts. In 2015, he was appointed as economic expert for the Paris Court of Appeal (“expert judiciaire”) and can serve as tribunal-appointed expert. Dr de Muizon graduated in executive science and management from Mines ParisTech (2001) and received his PhD in economics from University of Paris X and Mines ParisTech (2006).

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39 Bulletin

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The operation notified to the French Competition Authority (FCA) consists in the acquisition of the firm Quick by the firm Burger King France. Burger King and Quick are two fast-food restaurant chains selling hamburgers. The purpose of the operation is to turn 300 Quick restaurants located in (...)

11800 Review

Bruno Lasserre, François Lévêque, Françoise Benhamou, Frédéric Jenny, Gildas de Muizon, Harry First, Mario Siragusa, Olivier Fréget, Thibaud Simphal Disruptive innovation, law and competition (Paris, 29 January 2016)


Innovation today is shifting the established positions of a growing number of companies and industries. There is no shortage of qualifiers to underline the power of this phenomenon: drastic innovation, destabilising innovation, disruptive innovation, radical innovation, disruptive innovation. (...)

Gildas de Muizon Economic proof in anticompetitive practices’ detection


Different tests have been proposed by the economic literature and used by competition authorities in order to detect anticompetitive conducts. No single test is suitable for every type of practice and the economic theory can help in choosing the most relevant one. I. A middle way between the (...)

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