Gavin Murphy

Université d’Ottawa - University of Ottawa
Barrister & Solicitor

Gavin Murphy is temporary legal editor of the Commonwealth Law Bulletin in London and former counsel to the International Joint Commission in Ottawa, Canada. He was previously full-time legal editor of the Commonwealth Law Bulletin and served as counsel with the Criminal Law Policy Section and International Development Group of the Department of Justice of Canada. He also worked at Canada’s Competition Bureau and the United Kingdom’s Office of Fair Trading. A graduate of Ottawa’s Carleton University and the University of Ottawa Law School, Gavin holds a Master of Laws in International and European Legal Studies from Durham University, England. Author of three books on the law, he has published numerous scholarly articles in law journals in Canada, England and Ukraine. Gavin has taught courses at law schools in Ottawa and Thunder Bay, Canada and is a frequent guest lecturer in Canada and Europe. He is also a deputy executive editor of the Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law.

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10075 Bulletin

Gavin Murphy The Supreme Court of Canada establishes that specific authorisation is needed for computer searches in Canada, raising questions on the same matter in EU law (R v Vu)


Introduction The Supreme Court of Canada (“court”) ruled on November 7, 2013 in R v Vu (“Vu”) that specific warrant authorisation is needed to execute searches of computers and mobile phones. While the judgment concerned alleged offences in relation to the production and possession of (...)

Gavin Murphy The Canadian Competition Bureau releases action plan on transparency


Introduction Canada’s Competition Bureau (the “Bureau”), an independent law enforcement agency that assists the commissioner of competition in the administration and enforcement of the Competition Act, released its Action Plan on Transparency (the “Plan”) on 28 May 2013. According to the (...)

Gavin Murphy, Shane Zurbrigg The Quebec Court of Appeal upholds constitutionality of search and seizure pursuant to Canada’s Competition Act (Express Transaction Services)


Introduction On 13 June 2012 the Quebec Court of Appeal (the “Court of Appeal”) confirmed, in Express Transaction Services Inc v Canada (Attorney General) , the legality of a search conducted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the “RCMP”) pursuant to an investigation into alleged fraud under (...)

Gavin Murphy The Canadian Competition Bureau takes action against a Manitoba-based resort company selling time share vacation properties for alleged deceptive marketing practices (Elkhorn Ranch & Resort)


Introduction Canada’s Competition Bureau (“Bureau”), an independent enforcement agency that assists the Commissioner of Competition (“Commissioner”) in protecting and promoting competition, announced on 23 November 2009 that Elkhorn Ranch & Resort Ltd (“Elkhorn”), a Manitoba-based company (...)

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