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A graduate from Ecole Normale Supérieure (in Philosophy), Gaspard Koenig runs the classical liberal think-tank GenerationLibre, which he created in 2013 and which has been ranked among the Top European Think Tanks in the 2015 Global Go-To Report. Prior to that, Gaspard worked as a speechwriter for the Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, and as a strategy adviser at the EBRD in London. He is a published author of novels and essays, and a columnist for various newspapers – including Les Echos and The Financial Times. He is also teaching philosophy at Sciences-Po University.


Gaspard KOENIG - Generation Libre
Gaspard Koenig 30 September 2014 Paris


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Gaspard Koenig The market of ideas


The US Supreme Court famously coined the expression of a « market of ideas ». But this goes beyond a mere metaphor. It refers to a fundamental human reality which is reflected both in the economic field and in the philosophical thought. In this perspective, it would be worthwhile to use the (...)


Price 45€00 A quoi sert la concurrence ?

See the "avant-propos" of Laurence Idot, Frédéric Jenny et Nicolas Charbit the Foreword of Martine Béhar-Touchais The full list of contributors and the Table of Contents 100 contributions for the (...)

Date 30 September 2014
Author(s): Martine Behar-Touchais, Nicolas Charbit, Rafael Amaro
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