Frédéric Jenny

ESSEC Business School (Cergy), OECD - Competition Division (Paris)
Professor & Chairman

Frédéric Jenny holds a Ph.D in Economics from Harvard University (1975), a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Paris (1977) and an MBA degree from ESSEC Business School (1966). Professor of Economics at ESSEC Business School in Paris, he is also Chairman of the OECD Competition Committee (since 1994), and Co-Director of the European Center for Law and Economics of ESSEC (since 2008). He was previously Non Executive Director of the Office of Fair Trading in the United Kingdom (2007-2014), Judge on the French Supreme Court (Cour de cassation, Economic Commercial and Financial Chamber) from 2004 to August 2012, Vice Chair of the French Competition Authority (1993-2004) and President of the WTO Working Group on Trade and Competition (1997-2004). He was Global Professor of Antitrust in the New York University School of Law’s Hauser Global Law School (2014), visiting professor at University College London Law School (2005-2012), Haifa University School of Law in Israel (2012), University of Capetown Business School in South Africa (1991), Keio University Department of economics in Japan (1984), Northwestern University Department of Economics in the United States (1978).


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93000 Review

Frédéric Jenny, Damien Neven, Jacques Buhart, David Henry, Thomas Funke, Mathew Heim, Catarina Midões, Nicholas Levy, David R. Little, Henry Mostyn, Ioannis Lianos, Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz, Cristoforo Osti, Almos Papp, Christian Wik, Kristian Hugmark, Julia Vahvaselkä, Antoine Winckler, Thierry Boillot Which competition and industrial policies for the new EU Commission after Siemens/Alstom?


This series of articles presents different points of view about the priorities of the newly established Commission on competition policy in Europe in the aftermath of the decision prohibiting the Siemens/Alstom merger and of the manifesto published by French and German governments. These (...)

Frédéric Jenny Provisions on restrictive practices in question


In addition to the prohibition of anticompetitive agreements, abuses of dominant positions and the control of anticompetitive mergers, French competition law limits the freedom of negotiation of parties to commercial contracts. The goal of these limitations is to ensure a balance between (...)

Frédéric Jenny, Jérôme Philippe Populism and competition


At times where competition authorities face criticisms from various populisms, it should be noted that they themselves took a populist approach when they shifted from their original legitimate test of maximizing Welfare in favour of the sole maximization of the consumer surplus. Returning to (...)

Bruno Lasserre, François Lévêque, Françoise Benhamou, Frédéric Jenny, Gildas de Muizon, Harry First, Mario Siragusa, Olivier Fréget, Thibaud Simphal Disruptive innovation, law and competition (Paris, 29 January 2016)


L’innovation déplace aujourd’hui les positions établies d’un nombre croissant d’entreprises et d’industries. Les qualificatifs ne manquent pas pour souligner la puissance de ce phénomène : innovation drastique, innovation déstabilisante, innovation perturbatrice, innovation radicale, innovation de (...)

Frédéric Jenny Presentation (New Frontiers of Antitrust, 15 June 2015, Paris)


1. This year was the sixth edition of the New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference. In the name of the organizing committee, I want to thank all the participants as well as the speakers who year after year make this conference the most awaited and best attended competition conference in France as (...)

Frédéric Jenny Substantive convergence in merger control: An assessment


This article focuses on substantive convergence in merger controls, a topic of increasing importance and on which there is no unanimity. Two questions are discussed: First, how much substantive convergence has taken place over the last two decades? Second, how much more convergence is possible (...)

Frédéric Jenny, Laurence Idot, Nicolas Charbit Concurrences: Ten years and a question


En septembre 2004, Concurrences était un projet. Dix ans après, en septembre 2014, Concurrences est encore un projet, mais un projet en permanente évolution. A l’occasion des 10 ans, le souhait des fondateurs a été, non pas tant de célébrer un anniversaire, exercice par trop narcissique, mais de (...)

Agisilaos Karpetas, Assimakis Komninos, Frédéric Jenny, Knut Fournier, Michele Carpagnano The recovery of antitrust harms in foreign legal systems (Antitrust damages actions in France and in Europe : Current situation and upcoming changements, Paris, 13 May 2014)


The first roundtable of the conference held in Paris, the 13th May 2014 on the recovery of antitrust harm was dedicated to the antitrust harm in foreign legal systems. Michele CARPAGNANO Professeur, Université de Trente Codirecteur, Osservatorio Antitrust Knut FOURNIER Chercheur associé, (...)

Douglas H. Ginsburg, Frédéric Jenny, Joshua D. Wright, Thomas Graf Patents: Can antitrust authorities contribute to fixing the dysfunctional patent system? (New Frontiers of Antitrust, Paris, 21 February 2014)


This second roundtable of the conference “New frontiers of Antitrust” (Paris, 21 February 2014) was dedicated to the: “Patents: Can antitrust authorities contribute to fixing the dysfunctional patent system?”. This roundtable acknowledges the fact that there is an increasing number of cases at the (...)

Frédéric Jenny General interest and economic analysis (Paris, October 18th 2013)


In this contribution derived from the DGCCRF workshop of the 18th October 2013 and dedicated to "the Minister of the Economy, guardian of the public interest in the mergers control", Frederic Jenny focuses on the general interest and the economic analysis. Atelier de la DGCCRF “Politique de la (...)

Frances Marshall, Frédéric Jenny, Herbert J. Hovenkamp, Ioannis Lianos, Sivaramjani Thambisetty Ramakrishna Competition law, intellectual property rights and dynamic analysis: Towards a new institutional “equilibrium?”


Cette collection d’articles examine une question laissée relativement inexplorée dans le cadre d’études consacrés à l’interaction entre le droit de la concurrence et le droit de la propriété intellectuelle (ou propriété industrielle et commerciale): la capacité des institutions chargées de mettre en œuvre (...)

David Sevy, Frédéric Jenny, Mark D. Powell Private enforcement: Current issues


Ce dossier réunit trois contributions sur l’application privée du droit de la concurrence présentées le 5 juillet 2012 lors d’une conférence à Bruxelles organisée par la revue Concurrences. Dans la première contribution, Frédéric Jenny, président du Comité de la concurrence de l’OCDE, expose les (...)

Florence Ninane, Frédéric Jenny The determination of fines


This set of two papers is derived from the training session on the “Determination of fines” organized by Concurrences Review that was held on 10th November 2011 in Paris. The first contribution written by Prof. Frédéric Jenny is dedicated to the economic model of the deterrence and its limits. The (...)

Allan Fels, Frédéric Jenny, Henry Ergas, John Fingleton, Jorge Padilla, Mark Armstrong Behavioural economics: Questioning the foundations of antitrust? (New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference - 15th February 2010 - Panel II)


Behavioural economics: Questioning the foundations of antitrust? Introduction Frédéric JENNY President, OECD Competition Committee President of the International board of the Review Concurrences Professor, Co-Director of the Centre Européen de Droit et d’Economie, ESSEC, Paris 1. Ladies and (...)

Frédéric Jenny The financial and economic crisis, regulation and competition


The context of the current financial and economic crisis raises important questions concerning the future of antitrust. First, is the compatibility between the goal of financial stability and the promotion of competition in the financial sector. Second, concern is voiced about the effects on (...)

Bruno Lasserre, Claude Lazarus, Francis Amand, Frédéric Jenny, Jean Courtial, Laurence Idot, Stanislas Martin, Thomas Hoehn Conference: Merger remedies under the new French regime (Paris, 18 12 2008)


Depuis sa création en 2004, la revue Concurrences organise un colloque. Les thèmes abordés ont naturellement été variés : de l’adaptation du système français au règlement n° 1/2003 à la place de la concurrence dans le traité de Lisbonne en passant par les questions de banque et de finance et la réforme (...)

Alain Ménéménis, Arnaud Nuyts, Catherine Kessedjian, Catherine Prieto, Christophe Lapp, Claire Favre, Denis Mazeaud, Emmanuelle Claudel, Frédéric Jenny, Hélène Gaudemet-Tallon, Jean-Louis Fourgoux, Jean-Marc Kiviatkowski, Joelle Simon, Laurence Idot, Louis Vogel, Marie-Laure Niboyet, Michael Wilderspin, Rainer Becker, Soraya Amrani-Mekki, Yves Gaudemet Conference: The EC White Book on competition private enforcement (Paris, 13 06 2008)


Alors que dans le système de mise en oeuvre des articles 81 et 82 CE issu du règlement n° 17/62, il était usuel de distinguer l’application de ces textes, d’une part, par la Commission, d’autre part, par les autorités et juridictions nationales, ce qui conduisait à privilégier un critère formel fondé (...)

David Sevy, Frédéric Jenny, Jérôme Philippe, John Kallaugher, Kay Parplies, Laurence Idot, Luc Gyselen Anticompetitive foreclosure and the coherence of competition policy towards vertical restraints


Recent case law of the European Courts, the recent guidelines of the European Commission on non-horizontal mergers, the decisional practice of the European Commission as well as that of various national competition authorities and courts seem to focus on the possible anticompetitive foreclosure (...)

Antoine Gosset-Grainville, Denis Samuel Lajeunesse, François Souty, Frédéric Jenny, Guillaume Cerutti, Hubert Legal, Jacques Barrot, Jacques Derenne, Jacques-Philippe Gunther, Jean-Patrice de La Laurencie, Jean-Yves Chérot, Laurence Idot, Marc van Hoof, Marie-Dominique Hagelsteen, Nicolas Pesaresi, Valérie Rabassa, Xavier de Roux Conference: The EC State Aid Reform (Paris, 8 December 2005)


Les actes de ce colloque reprennent l’organisation en deux temps des travaux. Dans un premier temps, sont étudiés les deux grands axes de la réforme: Sur le plan substantiel, l’objectif de la réforme communautaire est d’introduire également en cette matière une analyse plus économique des aides. Après (...)

Frédéric Jenny, Laurence Idot, Nicolas Charbit Competitions !


Concurrences is a workshop, a projects center dedicated to competition laws. In Europe competition law is not only part of Community law, but part of the 25 EU Member States national body of laws as well. It also reaches beyond European Economic Area. It is therefore no coincidence if a few (...)


Price 45€00 A quoi sert la concurrence ?

Voir l’avant-propos de Laurence Idot, Frédéric Jenny et Nicolas Charbit, la préface de Martine Béhar-Touchais, la liste complète des contributeurs ainsi que la table des matières. Valérie Benabou:100 (...)

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