Université Jean Moulin - Lyon III

Francois Chénedé

Université Jean Moulin - Lyon III

François Chénedé is Professor in the Faculty of law of the University Jean-Moulin (Lyon III). He drafted various articles in contract law, and prepares a theoretical and practical comment of (future) new French law of contract. He collaborated in the recent republication of the volume 2 of « les grand arrêts de la jurisprudence civile ».


637 Review

Francois Chénedé, Nicolas Ferrier, Sarah Bros, Simon Hotte From the contractual abuse sanction to the sanction of restrictive practices of competition (Towards a new competition law?, Lyon, May 28th, 2015)


The conference that took place in Lyon on May 28th 2015 dealt with the future of competition law. The speakers of this panel got back to the strong link between unfair competition behaviors against professionals and those against consumers. Particularly, Sarah Bros and François Chénedé got back (...)

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