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Francine Cunningham

Bird & Bird (Belgium)
Lawyer (Partner)

Francine as the senior public affairs manager, she leads the regulatory and public affairs practice in Brussels at a time of huge legislative challenges that will define the future of the digital economy. Working at the intersection of politics, bureaucracy and business reality, she advises clients how to navigate complex EU decision-making processes to achieve specific industry goals. With 20 years’ experience of working in the EU and US regulatory environment, in both the private and public sectors, she has extensive knowledge of issues impacting the technology, media and communications sectors. By closely monitoring the evolution and potential impact of regulatory proposals on your sector, she can develop and implement an effective EU engagement plan for your organisation. Her active support will help to ensure that decisions affecting your business are not taken without your voice being heard. Her expertise ranges from helping to place issues proactively on the legislative agenda, to providing support and strategic advice based on profound regulatory knowledge and a thorough understanding of public policy and decision-making procedures. She joined Bird & Bird in 2018 from the US Mission to the European Union, where she worked as a senior intellectual property specialist within the US Commerce Department (USPTO). She previously held positions in public affairs and communications for the international recording industry and news media publishing. In addition to her native English, she has a knowledge of French and Dutch.

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