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Bpv Hügel (Vienna)
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Following law school at the University of Vienna and an LL.M. in International Commercial Law at the University of Nottingham, Florian earned a PhD in Public Procurement Law. Since 2002, he has practised Competition Law. Amongst the most prominent anti-trust cases in which Florian has acted as counsel, are the EU fine proceedings against Austrian banks, the acquisition of rival eTel by Telekom Austria as well as the Austrian Elevators and Escalators case. A particular focus of his is Competition Litigation. Florian has represented defendants in numerous proceedings to fend off injunctions, damage claims and other motions by private as well as organisational claimants before Austrian courts. In the area of Public and Utilities Procurement, Florian has advised since many years both contracting authorities and entities as well as bidders. He has a particularly strong track record with PPP projects and applications for exemption pursuant to Article 30 of the Utilities Directive. Florian is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences. Since several years, he has also been responsible for the content of the seminar "Systematic Introduction to Competition Law and Practice". Florian is author of numerous contributions to Austrian and international publications on Competition Law. He is honorary fellow of the Center for International Legal Studies and active member, inter alia, of aija, the Association of Austrian and German Competition Lawyers (Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht e.V.), UIA as well as the International League of Competition Law. Florian has been highly regarded in numerous national and international rankings.

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5545 Bulletin

Florian Neumayr The Austrian Parliament passes amendments to competition law


Austria: New competition rules – Take two* The Austrian Parliament has passed a bill amending the Austrian competition law rules. On March 1, 2013, significant changes will enter into force. These include the following: This is the follow-up to the post “Austria: New competition rules – Take (...)

Florian Neumayr, Gerhard Fussenegger The Austrian Supreme Court confirms a decision of the Cartel Court whereby a waste disposal system for whiteware home appliances - run by an independent undertaking - which obliges contractual collectors - independent third parties - to collect waste from retailers for a maximum price of € 7 does not infringe cartel law (UFH-System)


Case UFH System created a waste disposal system for retailers with regard to whiteware / home appliances. Participating retailers could decide whether to use the system or not (i.e., no exclusivity was required), conditions were to be negotiated directly between retailer and collector. (...)

Florian Neumayr, Gerhard Fussenegger The Austrian Supreme Court confirms a decision of the Cartel Court whereby cross-border RPM between a German publisher and an Austrian press distributor infringes Art 81.1 EU therefore preventing the exception provided in national legislation - excluding ban of RPM in the book / magazine sector - to apply (Burda / Pressegroßvertrieb)


Case In 2004, Burda Publishing Group, Germany signed Pressegroßvertrieb as the exclusive Austrian distributor to retailers concerning Burda’s magazines. With a market share of 35%, Pressegroßvertrieb is only one of two competitors which provide distribution services including services such as (...)

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