Fabio Bortolotti

Buffa, Bortolotti & Partners
Lawyer (Partner)

Professor Bortolotti specialises in the field of international commercial law and has published a treaty on the law of international commercial contracts as well as several books and articles on these issues (see annexed list). Professor Bortolotti has collaborated for many years with the ICC and is, at present, the chairman of the ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice. Furthermore, Professor Bortolotti has chaired several ICC Task Forces which have drafted model contracts for international business (e.g. sale, agency, distribution and occasional intermediaries).


777 Bulletin

Fabio Bortolotti Agency agreements: An overview of EU and national case law


1. Introduction This foreword introduces a selection of cases decided by national antitrust authorities and national courts regarding the application of antitrust rules to agency agreements, which have been published in e-Competitions during the period 2000-2010. I will therefore limit myself (...)

1935 Review


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