Evren Sesli

Balcıoğlu Selçuk Akman Keki (BASEAK) (Istanbul)

Evren Sesli joined the office as a senior consultant. She served at the Turkish Competition Authority for almost ten years as a case handler and economic analyst. Evren was engaged in different divisions of the Turkish Competition Authority and during her years, she supervised many antitrust investigations, preliminary inquiries, M&A’s and exemption/negative clearance assessments. She prepared legal and economic analysis for privatization cases especially for seaports and airports and wrote her expertise thesis on “The Effects of Privatization in Turkish Seaports from an Antitrust Perspective”. Evren also performed economic and econometric analysis for different aspects of competition law such as quantitative analysis to examine the unilateral effects of acquisitions, econometric analysis for the definition of geographic markets, economic analysis to reveal the impact of acquisition on prices, antitrust analysis for possible strategic alliances. Evren provides consultancy and advice on various sectors such as automotive, construction, financial institutions, hotels and leisure, infrastructure and PPP, life sciences and health care and transportation sectors.

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Balcıoğlu Selçuk Akman Keki (BASEAK)


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Armanç Canbeyli, Evren Sesli The Turkish Competition Authority initiales a full-fledged investigation on the Turkish poultry sector and concludes that sector specific justifications are not enough to prevent violations (BESDBIR)


ASSESSMENT OF INFORMATION EXCHANGE FINES UNDER TURKISH COMPETITION LAW REGIME: SECTOR SPECIFIC JUSTIFICATIONS MAY NOT BE ENOUGH TO PREVENT THE VIOLATIONS !* Competition law, at its core, is a case law based practice. The natural habitat of enforcement for competition rules is the consolidation (...)

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