Erwan Le Noan

Altermind (Paris)

Erwan Le Noan is a partner at Altermind, a Paris and London based consultancy firm founded and run by Mathieu Laine. Formerly a collaborator to Jacques Attali (Commission Attali, 2007), he became case handler in the French Competition Authority after a first experience in business law firms. He teaches competition law at Sciences Po. He is an editorial writer at L’Opinion and will publish La France des opportunités in 2017. Erwan is a member of the Scientific and evaluation council of the “Fondation pour l’innovation politique” (Fondapol), a French think tank.


2504 Review

Charles Bertin, Erwan Le Noan Should we save consumer welfare?


In the Economic Literature, consumer welfare and surplus are different concepts whose sometimes confusing interpretation in the competition law debate may lead to inappropriate demands. Once the ambiguity is removed, the surplus test, although it can be improved and fed by additional analyses, (...)

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