Hogan Lovells (Budapest)

Endre Gombai

Hogan Lovells (Budapest)

Formerly with Partos & Noblet - Hogan Lovells (Budapest)

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16860 Bulletin

Csaba Tóth, Endre Gombai The Hungarian Competition Office investigates whether an exclusive agreement in relation to magazine racks infringes the Hungarian Competition Act (Presti Est’s)


Background The Pesti Est media company is the largest player on the market of free program magazines in Hungary, distributing 130,000 copies a week of its magazine in Budapest. The Competition Office started an investigation into whether Pesti Est’s exclusive agreements in relation to their (...)

Csaba Tóth, Endre Gombai A Hungarian Court finds the fee recommendation of a lawyers’ association incompatible with national competition provision (Debrecen City Bar of Solicitors)


The Debrecen City Bar is an association of local lawyers, where the membership is obligatory. The association is empowered with public rights ; it may deliver obligatory decisions and non-obligatory recommendations as well. The general assembly of the Bar issued a recommendation on lawyers’ (...)

Csaba Tóth, Endre Gombai The Hungarian Competition Authority finds an exclusivity clause has an effect on trade between Member States and may distort competition in the sport events sector (Aréna / Multimédia Light and Sound / Ticketpro)


Background Aréna Üzemelteto Rt. received the right from the Hungarian State to be the controlling company of the Budapest Sports Stadium (hereinafter: the Budapest Sports Stadium). Aréna was, at the time of the investigation, an affiliate of the French Bouygues group. Multimédia Light and Sound (...)

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