Eleonora Mateina

Tsvetkova Bebov Komarevski (Sofia)

Eleonora Mateina is Bulgarian qualified lawyer, working as an associate at Tsvetkova Bebov Komarevski, Attorneys-at-law (Sofia, Bulgaria). Her practice focuses on Competition law, Energy Law, Litigation and Dispute Resolution. Eleonora is fluent in Bulgarian, English and Italian. Eleonora has very good knowledge in Russian and French.


2245 Bulletin

Eleonora Mateina The Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria quashes the Competition Authority’s decision on an abuse of dominance in the energy sector, due to a different economic analysis (Energo Pro)


The Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Bulgaria seating in 3-member panel (the “Supreme Administrative Court”, the “Court or the “Supreme Court”) repealed the decision of the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition (the “Commission”) by virtue of which the Commission imposed (...)

Eleonora Mateina The Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court inflicts a record fine for prohibited vertical agreements within a selective distribution system of cars (Hyundai)


After almost a 4-year appeal procedure, in December 2016 the Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Bulgaria (the “Supreme Court”), acting as a court of first instance, confirmed one of the biggest fines ever imposed by the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition (the “CPC”) (...)

Eleonora Mateina ECJ Advocate General Nils Wahl suggests that the EU Court of Justice prevent retailers from selling tobacco products below the prices indicated on the tax stamps (Colruyt)


Does the restriction upon the retail sale of tobacco products below the minimum prices set by manufacturers or importers on the tax stamp breach competition law?* On 21 April 2016, the Advocate General Nils Wahl issued his Opinion in Case C-221/15 – a proceeding initiated by a request for (...)

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