Edouard Leduc

European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
Case handler

Edouard LEDUC, référendaire at the General Court of the European Union Edouard currently works as a référendaire for Judge Mac Eochaidh at the General Court of the European Union. He previously worked as a case-handler at DG Competition (European Commission) and at the French competition authority (Autorité de la concurrence). His areas of expertise notably cover the application of anti-trust law to the energy and digital sectors.

Linked authors

DG COMP (Brussels)
E.CA Economics (Berlin)
Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) (Ljubljana)
European Commission (Brussels)


997 Bulletin

Edouard Leduc, Elzbieta Glowicka, Martin Godfried, Philippe Chauve, Stefan Siebert The EU Commission accepts commitments offered by Swedish incumbent electricity operator in the electricity transmission market (Svenska Kraftnät)


"Swedish Interconnector case /Improving electricity cross-border trade"* I. Introduction The size of the transmission network is a key determinant of competition in wholesale electricity markets. The larger this network, the more suppliers inject their electricity and hence compete for (...)

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