Didier Theophile

Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier (Paris)
Lawyer (Partner)

Didier Théophile is a partner at Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier. He is the founder and head of the firm’s antitrust and competition law practice. His practice covers all aspects of competition law counseling and litigation at the European and National levels, including on matters of merger control, non-merger conduct, and state aids. Mr. Théophile frequently represents clients before the European and French competition authorities and courts and has vast experience in large cross-border transactions and high-profile antitrust litigation. He is particularly recognized for his antitrust law expertise in regulated sectors, such as media, the bank industry, and postal services. Didier Théophile was educated at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg (Diploma, magna cum laude, 1986), the University (law school) of Strasbourg (LLL Industrial Property, summa cum laude, 1989) and the College of Europe, Brugge, Belgium (LLL Legal European Studies, summa cum laude, 1990). Didier Théophile has written articles on a wide range at antitrust and competition law topics, including a recent paper on the interaction of merger control rules with the rules governing public tender offers. He also recently co-authored an article on the application of the unilateral effects theory by the French merger control authorities. Didier Théophile is member of the IBA (International Bar Association) and of the AFEC (French Association of Competition Study). He is a frequent speaker and has led numerous debates on antitrust and competition law issues.

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37093 Bulletin

Didier Théophile, Natasha A. Moskvina The French Minister of Economy approves a concentration in the frozen baked dessert products industry after ruling out vertical and horizontal effects on competition (Vandemoortele)


Vandemoortele contemplated acquiring sole control of Panavi. The SPA contained non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, which the Minister considered necessary for acquiring the totality of Panavi’s assets and know-how. The parties’ activities overlap in (i) frozen baked dessert products (...)

Didier Théophile, Natasha A. Moskvina The French Minister of Economy approves without remedies, a concentration in the sector of agricultural cooperatives despite high market shares on several markets (Agrial / Union Set)


Agrial is an agricultural cooperative with over 24,000 members. Union Set is another agricultural cooperative with nearly 16,000 members. The concentration results in overlaps in the following markets : the sale of live animals for laughter; retail of hardware, gardening and landscaping tools ; (...)

Didier Théophile, Natasha A. Moskvina The French Minister of Economy approves a concentration in the sector for organization of fairs and shows subject to phase II undertakings (Unibail Holding / CCIP)


The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP), among other activities, organizes fairs, shows and congresses. Unibail is a leading French commercial property investor and developer, active in shopping centers, offices, and conventions and exhibitions. The latter branch manages sites and (...)

Didier Théophile, Virginie Viallard The French Minister of Economy grants Phase I clearance to a merger in the market for property services without remedy (Banque Federale des Banques Populaires / Foncia)


In his decision dated 26 March 2007, the French Minister granted a clearance to the acquisition of sole control of Foncia Groupe by Banque Fédérale des Banques Populaires (“BFBP”). BFBP, which is controlled by 19 Banque Populaire regional banks, CASDEN Banque Populaire, and Crédit Coopératif, is (...)

Didier Théophile, Virginie Viallard The French Minister of Economy grants clearance to a merger in the measurement and billing of energy sector, subject to divestiture and granting of software and brand licenses (Ista / Celliande)


In its decision dated 28 September 2006, the French Minister of Economy granted a conditional clearance of the acquisition of all of shares of the French company Celliande by Ista International GmbH (hereinafter “Ista Group”). The Minister required that the acquirer divest its own company as a (...)

44314 Review

Didier Théophile Relevant market - Commitments : The European Commission refines its analysis of relevant markets in the seed sector after in-depth investigation and authorises the acquisition of a sunflower seed business in exchange for commitments to divest sunflower hybrid as well as the parental lines used in the creation of those hybrids or currently under development in Spain and Hungary (Syngenta/Monsanto’s Sunflower Seed Business)


Eur. comm., 17 November 2010, Syngenta/Monsanto’s sunflower Seed Business, COMP/M.5675 Le 17 novembre 2010, la Commission européenne a autorisé l’acquisition des activités mondiales de l’entreprise américaine Monsanto dans le domaine des semences de tournesol par l’entreprise suisse Syngenta à (...)

Didier Théophile Commitments: The French Competition Authority clears an acquisition in the construction sector in exchange for commitments to divest six quarries in France (Tarmac, Eurovia)


Aut.conc., déc. n° 10-DCC-98 du 20 août 2010 relative à la prise de contrôle exclusif d’actifs du groupe Tarmac par la société Eurovia Le 10 juin 2010, la Commission européenne a approuvé partiellement, en vertu du règlement communautaire sur les concentrations, le projet d’acquisition de six filiales de (...)

Didier Théophile, Henrik Nordling Modification of network sharing agreement: The European Commission clears a merger between two mobile operators in the UK subject to commitments relating to the divestment of spectrum and reinforced guarantees regarding a network sharing agreement concluded with the sectoral “maverick” (T-Mobile ; Orange)


Eur. Comm., 1 March 2010, T-Mobile/Orange, case COMP/M.5650 Le 1er mars 2010, la Commission européenne a autorisé, sous réserve d’engagements, la mise en commun des activités de T-Mobile et Orange au Royaume-Uni sur les marchés de la fourniture de services de télécommunications mobiles et des (...)

Didier Théophile, Henrik Nordling Merger clearance: The European Commission unconditionally clears a concentration between two main competitors on the online advertising market as they would form a more credible competitive force together than separately, thus allowing them to compete on a market characterised by a particularly strong leader (Microsoft/Yahoo! Search)


Eur. Comm., 18 February 2010, Microsoft/Yahoo! Search Business, case COMP/M.5727 Dans une décision du 18 février 2010, la Commission européenne a autorisé le projet d’acquisition des activités de recherche en ligne de Yahoo et des annonces liées à ces recherches par Microsoft. Microsoft est le leader (...)

Didier Théophile, Henrik Nordling Acquisition of competitor: The European Commission, identifying local overlaps in Germany in a transaction with effects in several Member States, authorises the acquisition of a maverick competitor in exchange for commitments to divest both intellectual and physical property rights at a national level (Vattenfall/Nuon Energy)


Comm. eur., 22 juin 2009, Vattenfall/Nuon Energy, aff. COMP/M.5496 La Commission européenne a autorisé, par une décision du 22 juin 2009, l’acquisition de la société N.V. Nuon Energy (ci-après “Nuon”) par la société Vattenfall AB (ci-après “Vattenfall”), sous réserve du respect de certaines conditions et (...)


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