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Denis Waelbroeck

Ashurst (Brussels)
Professor (Partner)

Denis is a partner in the EU and competition department at Ashurst in Brussels and specialises in all aspects of EC competition law. He advises major clients in numerous sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, media, etc. He has handled numerous complex merger procedures before the EC Commission and national antitrust authorities as well as a great number of cartel cases and abuse of dominance cases both before the Commission and the courts. Denis also has a major practice before the EC courts. In addition, he is a professor in European competition law at the College of Europe in Bruges, and at the Free University of Brussels. Denis has published several books and articles on EC law. Denis is also a Member of the Scientific Board of e-Competitions.

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4638 Bulletin

Denis Waelbroeck, Donald Slater The EU General Court issues a judgment stating that an international skating union may apply a prior authorisation system for third party events only if the applicable rules and procedures are fair transparent and proportionate (International Skating Union)


On 16 December 2020 the General Court of the European Union (the "Court") issued an important ruling in the International Skating Union ("ISU") case. While accepting that sports governing bodies may apply a prior authorisation system for third party events to ensure that all sports competitions (...)

Denis Waelbroeck, Donald Slater The EU Commission imposes interim measures on a major supplier of integrated circuits for communications devices to prevent damage to competition in the TV set-top boxes and modems market (Broadcom)


On 16 October 2019, for the first time in 18 years, the European Commission ("Commission") imposed interim measures on Broadcom - a major supplier of integrated circuits for communications devices - in order to prevent "serious and irreparable damage" to competition from occurring in certain (...)

20348 Review

Bernard van de Walle de Ghelcke, Denis Waelbroeck, Eric Morgan de Rivery, Filippo Amato, Jacques Bourgeois, Leonardo Armati, Marc van der Woude, Massimo Merola, Matthew Levitt, Tarik Hennen Towards an optimal enforcement of competition rules in Europe: Time for a Review of Regulation 1/2003?


The Fifth annual conference of the Global Competition Law Centre, held in Brussels on 11-12 June 2009, was dedicated to the Commission’s review of EC Regulation 1/2003. These contributions are the summaries of six work groups: I) The directly applicable exception system and the direct (...)

Denis Waelbroeck EC Merger Jurisdictionnal Review...


In its 2-2005 issue, the review “Concurrences” has published a much debated forword from CFI Judge Hubert Legal about a possible excessive jurisdictionnal control over the EC Commission merger decisions. This Foreword, by Prof. Denis Waelbroeck, offers a different opinion on the issue raised by (...)


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