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Delphine Bernard

Hogan Lovells (Brussels)
Lawyer (Associate)

Delphine Bernard is an Ethics & Compliance Group Director at SUEZ. Prior to this, she was a Lawyer at Hogan Lovells in Brussels.

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14114 Bulletin

Delphine Bernard, William Broere The Brussels Court of Appeal rules that a non-compete clause does not qualify as an anticompetitive agreement under Article 81 EC but constitutes an abuse of a dominant position based on Article 82 EC (WEX / FEBIAC)


Background FEBIAC, a Belgian federation of road transport vehicle manufacturers, organises road transport fairs for commercial vehicles in Brussels every other year. The 2005 fair would run from 14 to 23 January 2005. FEBIAC’s general conditions for participating at the 2005 fair contained a (...)

Delphine Bernard, Jacques Derenne The Belgian Supreme Court adopts an in concreto approach to the definition of the relevant market product for the provision of directory services in the telecommunications sector (Kapitol / Telekom Austria)


Following a request by Kapitol, a Belgian provider of phone directories, based on Directive 98/10/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 26 February 1998, on the application of open network provision (ONP) to voice telephony and on universal service for telecommunications in a (...)

Delphine Bernard, Jacques Derenne The Belgian Commercial Court of Kortrijk suspends proceedings of recovery of State aid pending CFI judgment is challenged by the EU Commission (Walloon Region / Ter Lembeek International)


On 25 January 2006, the Commission decided to bring before the European Court of Jutsice (“ECJ”) an action against Belgium for failure to comply with a Commission’s decision declaring a State aid incompatible with the common market (see IP:). On 24 April 2002, the Commission had ruled that the (...)

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