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University of New South Wales (Sydney)

Deborah Healey is Professor at the University of New South Wales Law School, Sydney. She joined the Faculty of Law after practising extensively as a commercial lawyer with leading law firms. During her time there, her major focus was on competition law, and she advised clients on all aspects of the (now) Competition and Consumer Act, including consumer law. She also advised on sports law, with clients including sporting organisations, sportspeople and their commercial partners. Areas of advice included including governance, sponsorship and involved a multitude of other internal and commercial relationships. Deborah’s current research focus is competition law, both in Australia, and in the developing competition law jurisdictions of China, Singapore and Hong Kong. Deborah is widely published in Australia and overseas in competition law and sports law, and is a regular national and international conference presenter.



Deborah Healey (University of New South Wales)
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Deborah Healey
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Deborah Healey
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2410 Review

Stephane Retterer, Jacques Merot, Rod Sims, Aurélie Zoude-Le-Berre, Deborah Healey, Tehono Marchal, Robin Simpson, Antonino Troianiello, Hervé Lallemant Antitrust regimes in the Pacific region


This On-Topic considers the competition regimes of the Pacific jurisdictions of Australia, French Polynesia and New Caledonia in the context of their respective market conditions. It seeks to determine whether there is uniformity in approach in the region, but finds that each jurisdiction has (...)


Price 215€00 Wang Xiaoye Liber Amicorum

Without Professor Xiaoye Wang, Chinese competition law would not be in the shape it is today. Perhaps the key competition statute – the Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) – would not even have been enacted (...)

Date 20 November 2019
Author(s): Adrian Emch, Wendy Ng (Editors)
Price 215€00
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