Darren Brady Nelson

The Heartland Instute (Arlington Heights), LibertyWorks (Brisbane)

Mr Darren Brady Nelson is an Austrian School economist with a Bachelor of Economics and Masters of Law. He is an expert in competition policy and monopoly regulation, having worked in these fields for 25 years across four countries ie Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (USA). This has mainly been applied to the industries of energy (eg electricity and gas), transport (eg airports and rail), water (eg environment and sewerage) and telecommunications (eg internet and pay TV). He is currently the Chief Economist for and on the Advisory Board of an Australian ‘do’ tank of LibertyWorks, as well as being an Associate Scholar of two American ‘think’ tanks of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity and the Heartland Institute. He is also the author of a Connor Court published book (late 2017) entitled the Ten Principles of Regulation and Reform. In addition, I write about economics, policy and politics for a number of online media outlets in Australia and the USA including Townhall Finance and the Cayman Financial Review. I have been on Sky News in Australia and LITV in the USA discussing these same topics.


1102 Review

Darren Brady Nelson Antitrust, anti-competition: Lessons from economics


Textbook economics provides the foundation for the legislative creation of, judicial interpretation about, and public support for, antitrust. The inbuilt bias against markets is already apparent by the wording that suggests markets have “forces” and “power”; monopolies are “natural”; and that (...)

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