Daphné Van der Eycken

KU Leuven
Academic Researcher

Daphné Van der Eycken is an LL.M. student in European Competition and IP Law at the University of Liège. In addition, she is active as an Academic Researcher at the KU Leuven (CiTiP - Centre for IT and IP Law) and holds a master’s degree in law of the University of Ghent (2019).


368 Bulletin

Simon Troch, Daphné Van der Eycken The Advocate General Bobek provides an analytical framework to assess the appropriateness of ‘by object’ qualifications while clarifying and consolidating the case-law on the dichotomy between ‘by object’ and ‘by effect’ restrictions (Budapest Bank)


Comment On 5 September 2019, Advocate General (‘AG’) Bobek delivered his Opinion in the Budapest Bank case following a request for a preliminary ruling from the Hungarian Supreme Court (‘HSC’). AG Bobek advised on several matters such as the existence of an obligation for National Competition (...)

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